Here are the types of cheese you can choose for a successful Savoyard fondue according to the expert


    Comté, Emmental, Beaufort… We tell you everything to make your choice and enhance this friendly and comforting dish straight from our mountains!

    When the fondue Savoyard, cheese is king! You may have already considered buying ready-made fondue mix to make things easier, but there’s nothing better than a home-made mix, right? The only problem: how to navigate between all the categories? Don’t panic, we will guide you.

    How do you choose your cheeses for an authentic Savoyard fondue?

    No cheese Cheese shake ! You will agree. So you can also choose those that give this dish all its depth. all cheese It brings its texture, character and bouquet of aromas. the goal? Creating a ballet of flavors in the mouth. according to Alban Gilbertwise choices like boycottthe Beaufortand theAbundance They are the key to preparing fondue in the spirit of tradition:

    • Fruity and delicate, Comté offers a solid base;
    • the Beaufortknown for its creaminess and character, adds depth;
    • Abundance, for its part, adds a touch of softness and finesse.

    Did you know that the age of cheese also affects… The texture of your fondue ? a Young cheese will spin longer From others. Some fun moments in perspective!

    What cheese mixes for your fondue?

    Laiterie Gilbert offers diversification of pleasures with many objects Mix the cheese. Objective? Go off the beaten track! Why not try the combination boycottTarentaise wheel Vacherin Fribourgeois For local fondue?

    Fans will undoubtedly appreciate the 100% Tomme blends made with it Tommy sheep And Tommy the goat. A preparation that changes and brings sweetness to Cheese shake.

    Finally, if your budget is a little tight, don’t deprive yourself of fondue. Choose a combination of Comté,Emmental And a little Beaufort for its intense flavour.

    You now have everything you need to prepare a delicious Savoyard fondue, perfect for delighting your taste buds. Get out your chopsticks and choose between traditional and authentic fondue to share…or not!