Here’s a technique to avoid spreading lemon everywhere by squeezing it on your plate


    To add that little lemony touch that we appreciate so much, we all have the habit of squeezing a wedge of lemon over our plate or salad. But then, how can we not get it everywhere?

    One touch is enough to make the difference! On your Milanese escalope, or your fish or your salad, Add a drop of Lemon Yellow or green It can be active at any given time. Same thing for a cold glass of water: a little lemon and you’ll have a more attractive drink. But then, when you squeeze that lemon, it can lead to awkward situations. a The plane entering Al Ain, The other is on your cheek or even on your clothes… You are very upset. To address this and ensure this action does not occur, we have done this I found some tips Which makes a visible difference and prevents lemon juice from escaping anywhere other than your plate. So how can you avoid these spots?

    To save you from this situation, an unstoppable solution; Use a knife. But not just anyway! To do this, place your half Lemon zest side down On your plate or cutting board. Cuts Half your fruit into quarters. Here comes the role of technology! Cut the thickest part of the pulp Citrus in the middle. Be careful not to cut the skin, just the pulp. And voila! All you have to do is pour the juice and it will go directly where you want it and not towards you.

    This trick can be used with both Lemon and yellow but also with grapefruit or orange. But in these cases, we don’t cut the fruit into quarters, she says. This is very true! So, here’s another technique you can use when you want to keep the fruit cut in half or even whole. On TikTok, users discovered an ingenious trick. they Simply grow a metal straw or chopstick solid At the top of the lemon, in length, not width. Once the straw is through, they remove it and all you have to do is squeeze the lemon! If this allows the juice to come out of a certain place, we still notice itA big part of Lemon juice Stay in citrus.