Here’s how to make your own liquid vanilla extract


    Running out of liquid vanilla extract? Before heading to the nearest supermarket to buy a new bottle, you can try doing it yourself: it’s very easy and really economical!

    You slide in all your cakeBut do you know what liquid vanilla extract is made of? Vanilla, of course, as you suspected, but also alcohol! The little drops that you drip into cakes, cookies, and desserts are nothing but a mixture of alcohol mixed with vanilla. Some variants also contain artificial flavours, preservatives etc. If you prepare it yourself, You’ll be able to focus on the essentials: vanilla ! No, it’s not rocket science and you can keep it almost indefinitely! If you have some Vanilla beans In stock, this is the opportunity to experiment: homemade vanilla extract will allow you to do this Increased vanilla taste In your preparations much more effectively than seeds alone. So, want to try it?

    How to make vanilla extract at home?

    To prepare vanilla extract at home, you will need a knife, a saucepan, two bottles, 5-6 vanilla pods and 240 ml of vodka. Any cheap vodka will do here. Do you prefer aromatic scents? Rum ? Good news, you can replace vodka with agricultural rum.

    • In a pot, bring the vodka to a boil, then turn off the heat and leave it to cool.
    • Scrape the vanilla pods to collect the seeds Distributing pods and seeds in bottles.
    • Pour the still hot vodka into bottles, cap tightly and shake.

    Our advice for storing homemade vanilla extract properly

    Store the bottles somewhere Away from light and heat.

    Let it soak for at least a week before using it. Or if possible, after a month, your vanilla extract will be thicker. You can then keep it for several months. When you scrape new vanilla pods for your recipes, consider adding them to vanilla extract to enhance their taste!