Here’s what you should definitely not do with fresh mushrooms to preserve them properly


    Have you gone mushroom picking and want to keep your spoils in the fridge for as long as possible? Here are the mistakes you should avoid to properly preserve fresh mushrooms!

    Chanterelle, porcini mushrooms, boletus… You return from your mushroom journey in your hands, and the basket is overflowing with nature’s treasures. You’re going to cook some this afternoon, but you don’t know what to do with the rest Mushrooms Fresh plush…will it stay cold? How to properly store fresh mushrooms? Whether you’ve gone camping in the woods or come back from shopping with several bags Paris mushroomhere The right actions to take and those to avoid completely To ensure optimal preservation of fresh mushrooms.

    This small gesture that could ruin everything

    To save time the next time you cook, I washed the mushrooms before storing them in the refrigerator. You thought you were doing the right thing, but unfortunately, this simple, quick flow of water to remove the soil was enough to ruin everything: your beauty. The mushrooms are now completely rotten. You should never wash fresh mushrooms before storing them in the refrigerator! By doing this, you bring in moisture that can cause the mushrooms to rot in a short time… whereas if you take the right measures, Fresh mushrooms can be kept in the refrigerator for up to a week ! Heres how to do it:

    • Clean the mushrooms to remove the soil and cut off the earthy part of the stems. If it looks wet, Dry it using absorbent paper.
    • Avoid sealed containers or plastic bags. The air must circulate! Alternatively, store mushrooms in a kraft paper bag.
    • A little more To avoid oxidation : You can water the mushrooms with a little Lemon juice.

    Once the mushrooms are properly prepared, you can cook them. A little tip: always remember to salt the mushrooms at the end to cook To avoid releasing the water it contains into the pan.

    By following these simple tips, you can Extend the life of your mushrooms Fresh and maintains its flavor and texture. Delicious cuisine awaits with these well-preserved mushrooms at your fingertips. Good appetite !