Here’s when and how to send your dish to a restaurant without seeming rude.


    In a restaurant, are you uncomfortable with the idea of ​​sending the dish back to the kitchen? Below are situations in which you should never feel guilty.

    in restaurantThere are two types of customers: the one who sends his dish to the kitchen at the slightest problem, even if that means evading details, or even taking advantage of the situation, and the one who feels so embarrassed by the idea of ​​calling out to the waiter that he “would rather make himself sick than return his dish.” “However, re-dish.” When the situation requires it It will not make you arrogant, on the contrary: it president He will be able to understand the source of the error so that it is not reproduced. Here are our tips for knowing when and How to return your dish to the restaurant !

    When is it unjustified to return your plate to a restaurant?

    Are you planning to send this softness back to chocolate Because it’s “too strong in chocolate” or in a plate of French fries (which I already had) Because they are “too fat” ? It’s a bit of a strong coffee… you won’t send a plate back after you’ve had at least half of it! It may also seem inappropriate to return the dish if Don’t pay the bill, especially if you are in a group.

    When can you return your dish to the restaurant?

    Is your steak charred even though you ordered it medium rare and your tarte tatin was half-thawed? Here, without a doubt, you should send your dish back. No need to specify it This advice applies to all dishes served with a foreign body (Hair, insects, etc.). No, Halloween being close is no excuse. It is also possible to return your plate in some less extreme cases, as long as you do so politely. For example, your authority It contains capers (a spice she hates) and isn’t specified on the menu, or the pasta would need to be reheated. In all cases, it is a matter of notifying employees in the necessary polite terms Thank you when he brings the new motherboard. Good appetite !