Here’s where to find the best amber ales in the world (and they’re available in France!)


    The World Beer Awards have just reconfigured the world’s best amber beer! Surprisingly, it’s in France. Rooster in Doodle-doo!

    Notice to fans beer ! It seems that the French touch has struck again! And the prestigious fact World Beer Awards The City of London has just awarded its 2023 awards to the winners and has reimagined a French brasserie.

    Beer produced at 95

    To taste the best amber beers in the world, go to Théméricourt, in Fixen Brewery Farm. This award is a source of great pride for Denis Sargeret, Director of the Brewery. “When we participate in a competition, it is above all to prove to ourselves that we are making a quality product, and we want to be assured.” And he keeps saying that “It’s always a pleasure to receive an award. We didn’t really expect it, we hoped for it but we didn’t expect it.”

    What does the best amber beer in the world taste like?

    Denis Sargret confirms this: the recipe has remained unchanged for 22 years. “We are farmers. We make beer from our own barley. We want to bring out the taste of grain rather than the taste of hops. In the brewing process, we add a little roasted barley to give Little taste of coffee with amber beer trust. Undoubtedly, it was this little extra touch that appealed to the jury members. A little clarification about this pretty brunette with 6.5c alcohol: it’s available in 33cl and 75cl versions.

    Where to get the best amber beer in the world?

    At the moment, Vexin amber beer is available on site at the farm. It is also available at select retailers in the Paris region (78, 91, 92 and 95). But the director has no desire to market it elsewhere at the moment. “we Family business And we want to stay that way. When I opened the farm I had the ambition to prefer contact. Before we had cows. People came to get their milk from us. Now we make cereal and beer and enjoy seeing people on the weekends to buy our products.”

    And he adds that too “Obviously, the most satisfying thing is when a customer comes with his friends to show them the best product from his home. People take ownership of the product.. after every thing, “Vixen is the most beautiful region in France” He concludes with a laugh. So, if you’re passing through the area, feel free to stop by and discover this French local!