How do you cook frozen shrimp raw (and keep it from becoming rubbery)?


    If raw shrimp are cooked too long, they shrink and become rubbery. Here are our tips for successfully cooking shrimp.

    Grilled in a pan or boiled in water, there are several ways to cook shrimp. On the other hand, there are 36 ways to cook it successfully: It’s about controlling the cooking time Depending on the technology used. Otherwise, you can say goodbye to mushy, juicy shrimp and hello to chewy shrimp… Follow the guide to master cooking shrimp.

    How do you defrost raw shrimp?

    Before cooking, you need to make sure the shrimp are completely thawed. Here, you have two options:

    • To do the day before: If you’re not in a hurry, let the shrimp thaw in the refrigerator overnight.
    • If you are short on time: Place the shrimp under cold tap water until the ice melts, then place them in a bowl of cold water.

    How do you know when shrimp are cooked?

    Depending on their size, the cooking time for raw shrimp varies. If large shrimp generally cook for 4-5 minutes, small gray shrimp cook much faster! A second of inattention And here you are with rubbery shrimp… Here’s the technique to know when the shrimp are done!

    • Shrimp still undercooked: Its color is gray and transparent, and its tail is not curved.
    • Shrimp are cooked perfectly: It is dark, a shade between pink and orange, and its tail is slightly curved in the shape of the letter C.
    • Overcooked shrimp: It is whitish-pink in color and is completely curled in on itself.

    To cook the shrimp perfectly, remove it from the heat for a few seconds before it turns completely opaque.

    How to cook raw shrimp in a pan?

    Here, you need to choose a wide pan: the shrimp should not overlap.

    • Heat the pan with a piece of butter. Add a drizzle of vegetable oil To prevent the butter from burning. Place the raw, peeled and seasoned shrimp in the pan. Make sure to space them well.
    • Cook without stirring for 2 minutes if the shrimp are medium in size and 3 minutes if they are large. Turn them over and Continue cooking for one minute For medium shrimp And 2 minutes for large shrimp.
    • Add another piece of butter to the pan to melt.

    Remove from heat and serve with juice.

    How to catch raw shrimp?

    If you want healthy cooking without fat, you can also boil shrimp.

    • Fill a pot with salted water. Add a clove of crushed garlic, a slice of organic lemon, and spices of your choice.
    • Bring the water to a boil Then remove from heat.
    • Boil the shrimp In the pan away from heat. Allow about 2 minutes for large shrimp.
    • Then immerse them in a bath of ice water to stop cooking.

    Drain them and Dry it carefully Before applying.