How do you open a bottle of wine when the cork breaks?


    Have you broken the cork on your wine bottle? Don’t panic, we’ll show you how to catch up! Here’s how to save your wine bottle when the cork breaks.

    Damn, I broke the cork!“. expert vintage Or not, everyone has been there at least once. If the key is inserted incorrectly, too much pressure is applied when opening, or even the cork is in poor condition, no one is safe from the cork breaking one day. Vintage lovers know this well The older the wine bottle, the more brittle the cork And the risk of breakage when opened… Despite all your precautions, have you broken the bottle cap? Good news, you’ll still be able to drink wine. We’ll tell you how to catch up.

    How to extract a broken cork from a wine bottle?

    When the cork in the bottle breaks, half of it remains in the neck. To recover this piece of cork that seriously threatens to fall into the precious drink, it is necessary to carefully extract it using a screw key: Sommelier or good old Charles de Gaulle Will do.

    • Plant the screw of your corkscrew into the center of the cork Screw indirectly So that the hole does not expand.
    • Slowly pull verticallybut not particularly at an angle.

    Once the rescue is successful, make sure no cork residue falls into the wine.

    What to do if a broken cork falls into a wine bottle?

    While trying to extract the broken cork, did you drop it in the bottle? All is not lost, but we must act quickly so that the cork does not contaminate the wine.

    • Get a teapot and tea filter.
    • Transfer the wine to your bottle By passing it through the filter to collect cork residue.

    If your wine is old, tilt the bottle carefully and stop pouring before the sediment reaches the neck.

    Ultimately, this little mishap shouldn’t spoil your tasting pleasure. All it takes is a little skill and some quick moves to save the day Enjoy the contents of the bottle Hassle free. Cheers!