How do you use your chef’s knife properly? A specialist answers


    A chef’s knife is one of the essential tools for any self-respecting cook. But what is its purpose and how to use it correctly? Follow the advice of our expert Moïse Deglon, General Manager of Deglon Tableware.

    With a small paring knife, kitchen knife president (also called a “slicing knife”) is almost a necessity in the kitchen. Chop, chop, chop or mince, it’s versatile Provides proud service. Therefore it is better to choose it carefully and choose a knife that is marketed by a brand with recognized experience (thus we will avoid 1ers price). How to take it to hand inAs for which gesture to use, and how to maintain it, we tell you all about this “must have”!

    What does a chef’s knife look like?

    It’s quite a knife Imposing, which has a hard blade ranging in length from 20 to 35 cm20 and 25 cm blades are the most common.

    What is the use of a chef knife?

    he Diverse abilities ! Chef’s knife is used for:

    • Meat cuts
    • Cut large pieces of meat or… Fish
    • Cut fruits or vegetables into slices, sticks or julienne
    • Cut onions or parsley
    • a fan tomatoes
    • Cut salads into chiffonade
    • Cut nuts

    Ha Thick blade with a rounded edge specially designed to facilitate the famous “balancing action”. It works quickly and brilliantly!

    The flat side of the blade is also very useful for example Crush or squeeze garlic cloves.

    As for the back of the blade, its hardness allows this Small bone fracture Of a rabbit for example, or to open a shell crab.

    How to choose a chef knife?

    It is better to resort to Reference brands, that have known the know-how. You also have to put a certain price on it. This is often a guarantee of quality.

    When purchasing a chef’s knife, do not hesitate Take it in handTo test it, to feel the balance. You should feel good, just like when you try on shoes!

    How to properly hold a chef’s knife?

    Must have Good grip On the handle: Hold it firmly at the intersection of the blade and handle, then place your thumb over your index finger at the front of the handle.

    The position of the other hand is also very important, especially when you are chopping a group of pieces Chives Or the onion: The free hand (the one that does not hold the knife) is the one that leads the other hand: Place the index finger, middle finger, and ring finger of the free hand on theOnion To chop and keep your fingertips folded. With the hand holding the knife, shake the blade up and down. The tip of the knife should remain on the board, and the part close to the hand is the one that cuts, while the “free” hand is the guide. With a little practice, you will be able to do it Create smooth and efficient movement!

    How to maintain a chef knife?

    Clean and dry it immediately after each use. To store it, choose a magnetic strip rather than putting it in a drawer where it might collide with other items, potentially damaging it.

    finally, Remember to sharpen it regularly To maintain a good edge!