How is the best pastry chef selected?


    Participation in choosing the best pastry chef possible for all pastry lovers. But how are choices made? How are candidates selected? Production responded to us!

    By looking Best pastry chefsSome people tend to participate. but after that, How will things go? ? From the start of online application until the final selection, the presentation team explains How to become one of the 16 pastry chefs Lucky to compete under the No. 1 Baking Contest tent.

    First choice online

    If you are over 16 and speak French, you can Submit your request via 6play. “A platform is being prepared in the fourth week of the current season.” explains Jeremy Atlan, Entertainment Director at BBC Studios France.

    Once you access this platform, registration takes place in several stages. You must provide your contact details but also respond to several of them Questions targeting his passion for baking. “How long have you been doing this?” “How many hours a week?” “What is your specialty?” “Have you ever entered other competitions?” You should also send some photos of the most beautiful creations you have imagined just to catch the production eye! “We receive Between 15,000 to 20,000 applications. In addition, employers search for potential pastry chefs through their contacts, networks, canvassing, etc. The goal is to find rare pearls! Jeremy Atlan explains.

    Technical tests

    After this first step, Candidates of interest to us, about 500Coming He met us in person with two cakes One of them respects the subject and the other is free. They must answer a questionnaire that tests their knowledge of pastry basics.” Then it’s time to taste. If the creations are convincing, candidates move on to the “audition.” “They are put to the test: they You have to create something in three hours. This is where we can find out if they are good pastry chefs, if they manage to serve something on time and, above all, if they manage to answer our questions at the same time. because Even if it is a cooking competition, you have to verbally express what is on your mind about the specific moment you are cooking“, BBC France Studios Entertainment Director explains.

    The final test

    Once you’ve completed these steps, it’s not over yet! whileAbout fifty candidates remained“, “LTheir cakes are tasted with the right arm Cyril LegnacBenoit Couverand, who is the one It gives us the potential of both. If the candidate is able to suggest different things, develop and listen. It allows us to avoid the “Instagram pastry chefs”, that is, pastry chefs who make beautiful creations but are not particularly good. After this new taste, only a handful remained: “eour 20 and 25 are offered in M6. We always prioritize baking knowledge over whether a person has a good personality to showcase. Almost in total Six months between the first tests and the start of filming. In short, you’ll have understood, take part in the show Best pastry chefs…It’s no picnic!