How long can you keep open fruit juice?


    Is fruit juice opened for several days in the refrigerator still good? How to preserve fruit juice longer? Here’s how to deal with this everyday food.

    Is opened fruit juice in the refrigerator still good?“We’ve all asked ourselves this question at least once. Often times, we open a new bottle of fruit juice, We pour ourselves a cup, then forget about it for a few days in the fridge…When we realize our oversight after several days, we sniff the juice to judge if it is still good, and then decide to throw it away so as not to risk it. Here’s how to protect yourself from dangers and the best way to preserve fruit juice!

    How to store opened fruit juice?

    Most of us tend to store fruit juice in the refrigerator door, which is the part that is regularly exposed to temperature changes from opening, closing, etc. So it’s not an ideal place.It is best to store fruit juice on the shelf at the top of the refrigerator, which is the coldest area.

    How long can you keep open fruit juice?

    Here, everything depends on the origin of the fruit juice:

    • Fruit juice purchased from the beverage section: Commercially purchased fruit juice cannot be kept in the beverage section for more than 3 to 5 days after opening! After 5 days, your juice may have gone bad. Don’t take the risk and throw it away.
    • Juice prepared with extract: Have you prepared fruit juice with an extractor? You can consume it for up to 72 hours after extracting it, provided it is stored in the refrigerator.
    • Fruit juice prepared in a centrifuge: If it is juice prepared with a centrifuge, it must be consumed within 24 hours!
    • Squeezed fruit juice: The best thing here is to drink fruit juice immediately to take full advantage of its vitamins.

    How do you know if fruit juice is still good?

    If you don’t know how long the juice has been opened, you can analyze its color and smell. Does either of these aspects seem abnormal to you? Don’t risk it, throw the juice away! The correct reflex to adopt The opening date is written on every opened bottle of fruit juice.