How long can you keep raw meat in the refrigerator?


    Meat is a delicate food that requires little attention. But do you know how to store raw meat properly? We do inventory!

    Foods of animal origin and meat should be stored in ideal conditions until they can be consumed without developing any Health risks. But do you know how long meat should be kept cold? We give you some tips to master the subject at hand.

    How long does ground beef last?

    Minced meat (ground beef, ground pork, ground veal or ground chicken) is consumed very quickly. In fact, raw ground meat is brittle. It must be cooked and eaten Within 2 days that precedes the purchase process. Otherwise, it is recommended to freeze ground meat to prevent bacterial growth.

    What is the shelf life of raw, unground meat?

    the meat It can be kept uncut Between 3 to 4 days in the refrigerator Before cooking and consuming it. no more ! If you think you will not be able to consume meat during this time period, it is recommended to freeze the meat immediately to maintain its freshness. Maher!

    How to store raw meat in the refrigerator?

    To ensure that raw meat does not turn red, you must follow some basic rules. First check the meat Carefully wrapped in an airtight package. Original butcher paper is best suited. Otherwise, you can put it in a waterproof container to avoid this Cross contamination.

    Next, check the temperature in the refrigerator and make sure it is inside Between 0°C and 4°C To slow the growth of bacteria. Finally, put the meat inThe coldest area in your refrigerator, That is, at the bottom or in the meat room designated for this purpose.

    You now know how to store raw meat in the refrigerator in the best conditions and thus keep it fresh without risking your health.