How long does an open slice of butter last?


    Salted, semi-salted or sweet butter is a kitchen staple. But can you keep an open slice of butter for that long? We tell you more!

    It’s hard to let go ghee ! This dairy product is eaten plain, on a slice of fresh bread, and is also used as a spread in culinary preparations. But do you know how long to keep an open slice of butter? Do you know how to recognize an expired stick of butter? We will tell you all about butter and the secrets of its preservation.

    Can butter expire?

    Yes, butter expires. It is a fresh product made from cow’s milk. Like all products from “living organisms”, their preservation is limited over time. We consider thatA slice of opened butter can be kept for 2 to 3 weeks. Provided that it is stored correctly.

    To maintain the quality of the butter, it is best to avoid exposing it to a heat source or bright light. Remember to put it back in the refrigerator After every use. In addition, the butter should be covered in its original packaging to prevent it from spoiling.

    How do you know if butter is still good?

    If you want to know if your butter is still good, it’s important to follow a few basic rules that will help you avoid disappointment. First, start by checking the expiry date on the package. Even if butter It stays on very well for several weeksThe expiration date tells you if the product is still fit for consumption.

    Then, if you’re in any doubt about the slice of butter you’ve started, it’s important to use your senses. Certain items should alert you:
    Its color: If the butter is very yellow or has a white layer, it is likely expired.
    His smell: If the butter smells sour or slightly rancid, it is no longer edible.
    His taste: If the butter tastes unusual, don’t eat it.
    Its texture : If the butter becomes watery or has a crumbly texture, there is a good chance it will fade.

    Now you know how long to keep an open stick of butter and recognize expired butter. All you have to do is follow our tips to enjoy the good taste and benefits of this dairy product.