How long does homemade soup last?


    Homemade soup is a great way to stock up on vitamins and flavour. But do you know how to store homemade soup? We explain everything you need to know so your preparation doesn’t go wrong.

    To maintain properly soupit is recommended to put it Airtight container Like Tupperware. It can be kept up 4 days in a cool place, in the refrigerator. And to heat it up, nothing could be easier. Simply place them in a pot or for a few minutes in the microwave in a suitable container.

    To know if the soup is still edible, we invite you to pay attention to certain details. First, check it out General appearance. If your soup has mold or an unusual color, you will need to throw it away. Next, we recommend smelling your soup. This contains only fresh produce. The smell should be pleasant and delicious. If you notice that it smells like fermented liquid, discard the soup. Finally, feel free to taste your soup. If she has Bitter, sour or rancid taste, Maybe your soup has gone bad. We do not recommend drinking it.

    What vegetables stir up soup?

    Some vegetables tend to spoil the soup, especially if they are overcooked. The molecules break down more quickly when in contact with other foods and will change the taste and texture of the soup.

    Among the vegetables that do not always allow optimal preservation of soup we find tomatoeswhich has a somewhat sour taste, Spinach Rich in nitrates and asparagus Rich in sulfur which can give a bitter taste. radish And the Beets The soup can also be stirred easily. Cabbage and cauliflower It can be spicy if overcooked. finally, zucchini It consists mainly of water and can give a mush-like appearance.

    In order not to make any mistakes, it is important to strictly follow the recipe for the home soup you are preparing, cooking and adding vegetables in the indicated order. Your turn now!