How long should an open jar of mustard be kept?


    Can a jar of mustard that was started months ago be consumed? How to store spices best? We answer your practical questions.

    If you don’t know what to do with mustard that’s two years out of date or your jar that’s been used for weeks: we’ll tell you more.

    How do you know if mustard is still good?

    Is your mustard expired 6 months according to its use by date? In fact, it never really expires. In the refrigerator, mustard can be stored for as long as after opening the jar Up to a year. It can dry out or what we call a phase transformation (the vinegar separates from the rest) but He remains consumed. Where there is a problem is when it is your spices Strange taste, texture or smell. In any of these cases, you should refrain from taking it.

    Can mustard be stored in the refrigerator?

    Once you’ve answered your question about storing mustard and how long you should consume it, you need to decide where to put your jar. If it’s not open, stick to the closetIn a place protected from light and heat (the temperature should not exceed 20 degrees Celsius). but Once started, the mustard goes into the refrigeratorEven if we don’t risk anything by leaving her out. Indeed, its components do not help bacteria multiply (vinegar, salt, and seeds). You can add a few drops of oil to avoid a brown crust that can form on the edges of the bowl, and to keep the mustard smooth, spicy, and fresh. Some people also put lemon in it. Good to know: Expired and unopened mustard can be kept for several years but you risk losing its flavour.

    Can you freeze mustard?

    Now that we’ve covered the topic of storing mustard in the refrigerator, what about freezing it? Although it is not prohibited, it is not Not a good idea either. However, if you insist on it, freeze the mustard in small portions, well spread, in an airtight container, without water and without air.

    Where do you put mustard?

    What do you do with expired, opened, or unopened mustard? There are many possibilities in the kitchen. It is ideal in sandwiches, to accompany meats of course but also in marinades, sauces, especially vinaigrettes, or even pies.