How the number on the shell gives valuable information


    1 FR XAZ 01, 3 FR WFB 02… What do these funny symbols written on eggshells mean? These aren’t there to look pretty, but they do provide you with useful information about eggs!

    We often look at them without seeing them, yet these symbols are printed on coversegg It reveals important information to us such as country of origin or… How to raise chickens. Decode.

    The first number written on your eggshell is It lies between 0 and 3 It regulates the method of raising laying hens. An essential parameter for their well-being which Affects egg quality. In fact, an egg whose symbol begins with the number 0 and an egg whose symbol begins with 3 are not the same thing!

    • 0 “Organic” : This is the most respected breeding method for chickens. They are fed organic food and have outdoor space, with a 4 square meter outdoor playground for each hen. In addition, there can be no more than 3,000 chickens per building.
    • 1 “outdoor” : Here, the poultry also have outdoor space to peck and roam, but the number of chickens on each farm is not limited and the food they consume is not organic.
    • 2 “On the floor” In this case, “free-range” chickens are raised indoors, in a closed building in which there are 9 chickens per square meter.
    • 3 “Caged” : This is the most criticized parenting method, because it often refers to intensive parenting. Since 2012, cages must provide a minimum of 750 square centimeters of space per hen with nest, perch and litter.

    The letters following this first number indicate In European Union countries Breeding place: FR for France, ES for Spain, UK for United Kingdom, etc. What about the three letters that follow it? These mark the location for raising chickens. The last two numbers indicate this building number Where the laying hens are. You can now reveal the secret of the code written on your egg shell!