How to clean silicone mold properly? An expert answers


    Silicone molds are practical and easy to use, and provide many services in baking and cooking, but do you know how to clean them properly? Follow the guide!

    Silicone molds are appreciated by professional and amateur chefs, and come in many shapes. Cookies, madeleines, cakes or sponge cakes, they can do it all, or almost! Like everything Kitchen utensil and pastries, The silicone mold is preserved to last over time. Let’s follow the wise advice of Sylvie Dakhil, Product Manager at Maison Demarle (Flexipan molds).

    Before first use

    Like any utensil, silicone molds should be machine washed.Lukewarm water Or hot With a little dishwashing liquid Before first use, to remove dirt and dust that may have accumulated since they left the manufacturing plant.

    Should silicone molds be washed by hand?

    It is better. The easiest way is to simply clean the molds with a soapy sponge and warm water. above all, Avoid rough sponges The abrasive side of which can damage the silicone by causing micro-scratches. Once you rinse it off, remember to do so Shake to remove excess water, and let air dry. The molds have a shiny coating, so drops fall off easily. A little tip: take advantage of the residual heat in the oven after cooking to dry the silicone molds!

    Can we wash silicone molds in the dishwasher?

    Manufacturers don’t really recommend this, not because it risks damaging the molds, but simply so For the visual aspect : After going into the dishwasher, the molds become less pretty. So it’s just an aesthetic issue!

    How to remove odors and traces of grease from silicone molds?

    Have you made spicy desserts or lightly greased pies and still have the smell or traces of grease in your pans? No problem ! basic Wash with hot water and dishwashing liquid You must overcome it. Without ads, and Paic Lemon Works great, removes grease and eliminates any odor!

    Also note that high-quality silicone molds do not emit unpleasant odors (plastic for example). One piece of advice: buy your molds from a manufacturer known for their expertise and avoid first rate prices altogether!

    How to remove burn marks?

    You weren’t paying much attention and left your madeleine or your food Financial Cooked too long and the preparation is starting to turn brown? If washing with hot water and soap isn’t enough, use a little less White vinegar Diluted in water hot Leave to soak for several minutes. Clean with a sponge and rinse. Your molds will be like new!

    the Soda bicarbonate It also works very well. Use the same method as with white vinegar, diluting it with water and the stains should be removed. Above all, remember to rinse it well.