How to compensate for a very salty dish?


    I was a bit heavy with the salt, and got into a lot of trouble… To rectify the situation, here are some tips. Here are our tips for sweetening your preparation, puree, or entire dish.

    You shook the salt shaker too vigorously and felt embarrassed… Your preparation that was going well is now inedible, because it contains too much salt. Whether with mash, rice, pasta or any other dish with sauce or not, You don’t know how to make up for it ? Here are our tips for sweetening your recipe with ease. It’s perfect when you’re wondering, “How to sweeten a very salty dish?”

    In a dish, whatever it is, it is a lifesaver potato. By adding it to your preparation On fire for 10 minutesThe potatoes will absorb the excess salt. All you have to do is cut them in half when cooking and then remove them when your preparation is ready. This works too With bread or carrots. These foods have the power of absorption. If you don’t have that handy, you can do that too Extend your preparation with liquid. By adding water or cream, you should feel less excess salt. And if you’re a sweet/salty lover, you can also save! Drop Honey, aloe vera, lemon, or even orange syrup can reduce the salty taste. This can also work with A A small piece of sugar or With a little white wine. Make sure adding wine won’t ruin your recipe.

    Whether for oversalted rice or pasta, the technique is the same. Once Your food recovered after cooking– Submerge it again in a bowl of boiling water, but this time without adding salt. The water will remove the excess salt. Be careful though Do not let cooking continue for too long. There is no doubt about making the situation worse by overcooking!

    The salt of the dish, no matter what it is, is always there It is recommended to pour salt in your hand before pouring it into the dish. This will avoid too much salt. And if it’s already too late, catching up on your mash is a little more complicated than the rest of the preparations. In fact, we wouldn’t recommend adding a potato… However, if you have enough time, you can extend your preparation time by using another cooked potato. It is also possible thatAdd liquid such as milk or cream. Be careful not to lose the correct consistency of the mash.