How to cook like grandma? All tips for delicious dishes


    For delicious and authentic dishes, learn how to cook like grandma. We give you some tips.

    Healthier, greener, or even more economical? Cooking like grandma has many advantages. Get inspired to make recipes that take you back to your childhood, cook healthier, and lose weight too!

    Grandma’s Kitchen: Keep it simple

    To cook like grandma, you don’t have to beat around the bush! No need for the latest robots, unusual ingredients, or complicated recipesWe keep it simple. This allows you to find the true flavors and stick to safe values ​​to avoid making mistakes. For baking, for example, stick to the basics and don’t make it too complicated. No need to resort to ghee, butter is perfect.

    Use what you have to cook like grandma

    Don’t overcomplicate things when it comes to choosing your ingredients, either. Cook food from scratchWhether you make your own butter or not, the important thing is to use fresh produce, not ready-made. Often cheaper, more nutritious and better tasting: you have everything to gain. Whether you live in the city or in the countryside, take What is available to you And adaptation. Promote on vegetables or fruits? Make soup or jam, freeze or save leftovers. So don’t look away, and don’t try to be perfect. But be careful, when canning, follow sound professional advice, as bacteria can creep in.

    Choose your produce wisely for delicious dishes

    Cooking like grandma means too Don’t waste ! Zero waste or not, use all your products you can. You can also turn your waste into compost. The important thing to remember is what is biodegradable and what is not: like sorting, this will gradually become automatic for you. You can then use your compost to fertilize your garden or vegetable garden. If you don’t have a green thumb, know that you can still reach for it Your fruit and vegetable garden, especially in small, mobile and space-saving farms. The easiest to grow are green beans, lettuce, radishes, zucchini, and even carrots. Another plus: you’ll save money!

    Adopt good grandma habits

    Once you know what you’re going to put on your plates, choose your utensils. It would be interestingInvest in cast iron pots or pans. This material is durable, hygienic, affordable and easy to maintain. If you season them regularly, you can also prevent your ingredients from sticking further and you will use less fat, butter or oil. more healthy. It’s then up to you to play in front of the fireplace… and have fun!