How to keep as many bubbles in sparkling water as possible


    Are you tired of finding sparkling water with no bubbles? We show you why this happens so often and how to avoid this hassle!

    Carbonated waterJust like soft drinks, one day they will lose their effectiveness shine on. But sometimes this phenomenon happens more quickly than we want and this must be attributed to the bad habits that we have. To preserve as much as possible Bubbles Of your sparkling waterWe advise you to follow these few tips!

    Save bubbles from a closed bottle of sparkling water

    The bubbles in sparkling water are the result of carbon dioxide being introduced into the bottle. Although it will eventually dissipate, there are some tips to delay this phenomenon. First, you should know that even if the bottle is closed, it will release a little of this Carbon Dioxide across the cover. Our advice? Close the lid tightly on one side, and surround it with adhesive on the other side. With this, you are sure that the bubbles will stay well inside your sparkling water bottle.

    Another important point: remember to store the bottles in a dry, cool place and protected from light. Why ? Because heat accelerates the phenomenon of dispersion of gases and dissolution of bubbles. The same applies to shaking the bottle before opening it. By doing this, you can allow the gas to escape from the water more quickly, saying goodbye to tiny bubbles.

    What do you do once you open the bottle?

    First, remember to close it securely. Here too, you can use the taping technique around the lid and neck to prevent bubbles from escaping.

    Then store it in the refrigerator, but avoid storing it on the side of the door. The jolt that occurs every time your device opens and closes risks accelerating the dissolution of carbon dioxide again. Instead, store the bottle flat, or even place it on a shelf in the refrigerator. This will push the gas up and prevent it from escaping.

    The service also has techniques to better preserve the bubbles in sparkling water. Simply serve your glass of water like a glass of champagne! To do this, tilt the glass and serve the drink in two or three portions. With these tips, bubbles will no longer be able to escape!