How to know if there are worms in fruit and how to avoid them


    To avoid any unpleasant surprises, here’s how to know if there are worms in your fruit but also how to avoid and get rid of them.

    Are they dangerous to health? Where did they come from? How to get rid of it? We tell you all about fruit worms.

    Fruitworms: what are they?

    Fruitworm is The larva of the butterfly is called the codling moth. It feeds on fruits, especially apples, pears and nuts. So the worms in the fruit are actually the eggs laid by this butterfly or fly, which then become larvae and reproduce. Although it does not strictly pose a risk to your health, it is not recommended to eat it.

    How do you know if there are worms in your fruit?

    To make sure it’s safe before you bite into the apple, visually inspect the fruit. The worms leave Holes on the surface, often brown. You may also notice dark spots. If you cut up the fruit, you will notice galleries excavated by worms. The larva will be in the center of the fruit. In terms of texture, it can be Softer than usualAnd its moldy appearance. Another clue if these are your own fruits: they fall to the ground prematurely.

    How to avoid worms in fruit?

    If the fruits come from your vegetable garden, consider installing them Spaces for birds Nearby: nest boxes, cabins… Being their natural enemies and predators, they will be interested in eliminating them, just like bats. Another way to treat your fruit trees: transplanting Pheromone trap In the garden. It attracts males and reduces fertilization. Some compose Solution with soap and water Black or Marseille, which they sprinkle on their fruits. Others suggest a solution with sugar. If you are patient enough, you can choose Bags to place around fruit With elastic band: The disadvantage is that you need one bag for each fruit. Glue strips On the tree also prevent insects from settling. And of course, Insecticide Biologicals intended for: Carpovirusin.

    How do you prevent the installation of worms in your fruits?

    To get rid of worms found in fruits, it is recommended Clean your garden regularly : Collecting fallen leaves, examining tree trunks and branches, removing objects that may be contaminated, etc.

    How to get rid of fruit worms?

    To remove worms from your food, Soak them in lukewarm water for about 10 minutesThis will scare away the worms. You will then need to remove the damaged parts of the fruit before eating it.