How to make fried eggs with completely runny yolks? Add just one spoon of this ingredient


    To get the perfect fried egg with firm, crunchy whites and perfectly runny yolks, you need to use an unexpected ingredient…

    For brunch or a quick lunch, egg On the plate is always a good idea to enjoy quickly and without hassle. All you have to do is heat a frying pan with a little fat, crack in the eggs and let everything cook slowly. The goal is to get cooked whites with yolks that unfortunately often remain runny (and who knows why). By the time the white is set, the yolk will have completely hardened.. Goodbye to the irresistible yellow color that appears on your avocado toast… To avoid this, there is a trick to do it to cook UNUSUAL: Instead of the traditionally used butter or oil, this one uses an unusual ingredient, proving very effective in cooking fried eggs. One thing is for sure, with this amazing trick, You’ll never cook fried eggs the same way again!

    What fat should you cook fried eggs with?

    ifoil Or butter works great for cooking egg whites, but it does show some limitations when it comes to keeping the yolk completely runny. To get the perfect balance between the crunchy white yolk and the runny, you have to use another type of fat… Liquid cream ! In reality, By starting cooking in a cold pan, with a base of thick cream, will begin to boil, and the fat will gradually separate from the liquid and thus produce steam. that it It is this steam that allows the whites to be cooked gently without hardening the yolkswhich will therefore remain flowing perfectly!

    Steps to follow

    Here’s how to get the perfect fried eggs:

    1. Pour a thin layer of thick liquid cream in the bottom of a non-stick frying pan. This step is done cold, away from heat. Salt and pepper the cream, then crack the eggs over it.
    2. Turn your dish over medium to high heat.
    3. The cream will start to boil and then evaporate. The fat in the cream will separate and the edges of the eggs will begin to caramelize slightly. When the whites are almost completely cooked and the cream is almost completely transformed ghee, Remove the pan from the heat, cover it, and let it cook inertia For an additional minute.

    You will thus get fried eggs with caramelized whites on the edges, crunchy to taste and perfectly runny yolks!