How to make old pizza crispy again in 5 minutes


    Do you have any leftover pizza slices from the day before? Forget the oven, it can harden your pizza. Instead, try our amazing ice cube method to make them crunchy without drying them out!

    Often times when you order pizza from a restaurant or eat out, there are leftovers. At a restaurant, you hesitate to take leftovers in a doggie bag, but you don’t for fear of the crust drying out. Same thing when items are delivered Pizza You have, The remaining parts usually end up in the trash. Not for lack of trying to reheat them in the oven the next day, but they were as hard as logs! If you recognize yourself in these lines, it’s because you probably don’t know The correct way to reheat pizza.

    How to reheat pizza from the previous day?

    Yesterday’s pizza is a serious matter: it doesn’t deserve to end up in the trash. Have you been thinking about using the oven, or worse yet, the microwave to reheat it? Get those thoughts out of your head, the oven will dry your pizza longer Microwaving will make it chewy. To reheat the previous day’s pizza, there’s only one way: use an ice cube and a frying pan! Here’s how to do it (video above)

    • Place a frying pan on high heat.
    • Once the pan is hotPut your pizza slices in there.
    • After 2-3 minutes, throw an ice cube into the pan.
    • Cover the pan immediately Cover with a lid and let it heat for another 2-3 minutes.

    with Steam produced by water in an ice cubeThe pizza will be cooked. The dough will be crispy and the filling will be tender!

    © Tiktok captured by Julie Waters

    How do you reheat pizza when it’s served lukewarm?

    The only time it’s wise to turn on the oven to reheat pizza is when the delivery guy brings it lukewarm. In this case, you can put it in a cold oven and then heat it to 180 degrees Celsius. From the moment the oven reaches 180°C, Leave it for 5 minutes then remove the pizza From the oven. This way, the pizza will heat up gradually and won’t have time to dry out!