How to open a coconut easily?


    A holiday-inspired fruit, coconut delights us in drinks or bars. But after purchase, how can it be opened? Our tips will make your life easier!

    Whether for Drink it or taste itthere coconut Can we? Giving a hard time when it comes to opening it. Due to its very hard peel, using a small knife is not enough, or even recommended. the Microwave he have Manipulations that require more forceHere are our techniques for opening coconuts easily.

    In general: Take the fruit in your hands: the coconut should be heavy and plump, and when shaken it should… hearing water, It is a harbinger of freshness. Dig the three holes in the bark and collect the coconut water. If you resist the urge to drink it right away, Keep it in the refrigerator To update it.

    Here’s the chef’s tip for opening a coconut in seconds! Julien Dupuy, chef at BOULOM (Boulangere where we eat) in Paris, explains how Open a coconut in no time. To easily assemble the water and meat, you’ll simply need a large bread knife and a large salad bowl. Here the chef uses Dry coconut, from which we removed the largest envelope. This is easier to open and provides firmer meat with more flavor.

    • Put the coconut In the palm of your hand By placing yourself on top of the salad bowl.
    • Place the knife in the middle coconut and press sharply with the back of a bread knife. At the same time, turn the coconut so that it makes a knife Its entire surroundings.
    • When you’ve come all this way, This will split.
    • Collect the coconut water in the salad bowl through the slit and then open the coconut in two.

    By placing the knife in the center of the coconut, it will open In two equal parts ! This will allow you to share them more easily.

    And if you don’t want to use a knife that way, the microwave can be your best friend. To make it easier to break the coconut shell, the secret is to pass the fruit through it A few minutes in the microwave Or in a classic oven the heat effect will weaken coincidence At the same time, it helps to break down the meat after opening. This process is guaranteed!

    Tapping coconuts with a hammer remains the simplest and most effective way to open them. If the blow is delivered well, it does not have to be very hard. Place the cut between the “eyes” of the fruit And the hazelnut It will open as if by magic.

    It is very easy, simply collect water from the coconut without opening it, Get a screwdriver. Once the tool has been thoroughly washed, plant it In one of the “eyes” located at the ends of the fruit. Then all you have to do is enjoy it through a straw or directly from the fruit.