How to prepare homemade compote?


    Preparing your own home compote has never been easier! Quickly discover all our practical tips for making and storing fruit compote.

    Kids and adults love it! there compote It’s a dessert we enjoy enjoying in any season, especially if it’s homemade! Unlike industrial preparations. Homemade compote has many benefits. First of all, it allows you to put the fruits you want in it, add more or less sugar if necessary and customize it with spices to your taste. We show you how to prepare your own homemade compote and succeed every time.

    Selection and preparation of fruit

    The advantage of homemade compote is that it allows us to do this Follow the seasons. In fact, you can also make compote from apples, pears, strawberries, rhubarb, or even bananas by following nature’s cycle. Do not put aside overripe fruits. They naturally contain more sugar and are perfect for compotes.

    Once you have made your choice, it is important to prepare the fruit well. Firstly, Start by washing and peeling the fruit. Then cut it into small cubes and put it in a large salad bowl. Remove pits or seeds if necessary. If you want to add spices, this is also a good time to bring them out. Vanilla, cinnamon, ginger or even cloves will add a little liveliness to your preparation.

    Successful cooking and reduction

    Once you have all the ingredients prepared, take out a large Dutch oven or pot and place all the fruit (and spices) in it. Cover it with water and make it Cook everything for 15-30 minutes on low heat, covered with lid. Stir from time to time using a wooden spoon. When the fruit becomes soft, you can remove the pan from the heat. Remember to taste the preparation and add sugar or honey if you find that the mixture is a little acidic or not sweet enough.

    Next, place the cooked fruit in the blender. The goal is puree preparation. You can mix it more or less. Conversely, if you like your compote thick, reduce it a bit. If you like your compote smooth and without chunks, make sure everything is mixed well. Then let the compote cool to room temperature.

    Consider storing and sterilizing glass jars

    If you want to consume your compote quickly, know that it is possible Store for one week in the refrigerator. The container must be tightly closed. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy your compote over the months, it is possible to store it for up to one year in pre-sterilized glass jars.

    To do this, nothing could be easier: While your compote cools, place the empty glass jars in a large casserole dish. Immerse the pots in water and boil everything for 10 minutes. Conserve water. Then using a funnel or scoop, Fill the jars, stopping 2cm from the rim. Close the jars, resubmerge them completely in the initial water, and leave to boil for 1 hour (up to 3 hours). Immediately afterwards Let your jars cool to room temperature. All you have to do is label and store your homemade compote in the cupboard.