How to sift without a sieve?


    Whether for flour or collecting berry seeds for example, a sieve can be essential in baking. But then, how can you do without it? Response items.

    You are really in trouble. You’ve made good progress with your recipe but have moved on to the next step Requires the use of a sieve. How do I do If you don’t have one on hand ? whatever For flour or to clarify the preparation By removing impurities or large items, a sieve is sometimes necessary. here Our tips So you can continue with your recipe without any problem.

    What are screening tools?

    For sifting, you can certainly use a sieve but other tools can also do the job. For example, you can Use a tray or strainer. It is often sold in small forms, for example, and can help restore the skin that forms when milk is heated. This avoids the presence of curdled milk in the hot chocolate. To check, you can also Use a cheesecloth or cloth bag. This fabric has a very soft texture and is ideal for sifting.

    Without a sieve, you’ll have to use your imagination! if You have no gauze, no china, no passport, Sifting your own flour is still possible. One of the most famous tips To use a whisk Or a fork. This will help break up the flour balls that give the notoriously problematic lumps. To do this, draw continuous circles. If you don’t have these tools either, you can too Spread the flour on a flat surface Like a large plate for example to break up visible balls of flour.

    Aside from the berries and flour, you may also have to sift the preparations. In this case, You can place a piece of tissue paper at the bottom of the strainer or funnel. The paper will allow the liquid portion to pass through while keeping the larger items out. Be careful, if you have high quality and therefore highly absorbent absorbent paper, this may not work. If it is thin, it may tear if you spill too much product. Therefore, we advise you to try this technique first with a small amount of your product!