How to use silicone mold correctly? An expert answers


    Non-stick, unbreakable, resistant to extreme temperatures, these silicone molds have it all. Follow our tips to learn how to use it correctly.

    Whether you have decided to do so Financial, goat cheese and spinach cake or blueberry muffins, silicone molds come to the rescue! It is also suitable for savory or sweet recipes, simple or more complex, there is no stopping it. explore How to use it optimally. Bonus, Sylvie Dakhil, Product Director at Maison Demarle (mussels Flexipan) gives us some advice.

    What precautions should be taken before using silicone molds for the first time?

    First of all, it’s better to Clean your silicone molds to remove any dust that may be covering them. Simply run them under warm, soapy water before disposing of them and let them air dry naturally. Your templates are ready to use!

    Should silicone molds be used with butter or oil?

    Before we put the mixture in it No need to grease your silicone molds. They are inherently non-stick.

    What are the ways to cook silicone molds?

    Like traditional molds, silicone molds are well suited for oven cooking, with or without the aid of heat. Withstands temperatures up to 260 degrees Celsius. one duty, Do not cook in “grill” mode., at the risk of damaging the mold. It goes without saying that silicone molds do not fit your BBQ grill or stovetop either!

    Don’t forget to preheat the oven before baking. He cooks Prepare yourself, as high temperatures may damage the mold.

    A little advice, Place the pan on an oven rack or on a perforated baking tray for best heat distribution.

    good news, The silicone molds are microwave safe too Without any problem! The only precaution is not to use the oven in broiler mode if you have a built-in oven!

    Can we cook cold or frozen preparations in silicone molds?

    Without any problem, because the silicone molds support Temperatures reach -40°C ! You can prepare Bavarians, desserts or ice cream. Simply place the mold directly in the refrigerator or freezer.

    How to disassemble the mold and what precautions should be taken?

    It’s really a child’s game: you just have to do it Turn the pan over like a glove, and press it gently to gently release the mixture. Just wait a few moments after taking it out of the oven. The same applies to cold or frozen preparations.

    No need to use a spoon to make the process easier! be careful, Completely avoid using sharp or pointed tools Which may damage the silicone.

    What recipes can you make using silicone molds?

    Silicone molds are suitable for dozens of salty or sweet recipes. Hence you will be able to fabricate madeleine muffin, flutedSavory or sweet cakes, financiers, pies and even breads and choux pastries (Especially Flex Air pans which have small holes to ensure crispiness of the dough). You can also make Ice cream and other frozen desserts, but also Bavarian …the possibilities are limitless!