In November, win 5 sets of flexible baking sheets and pans


    This month, submit your recipes to the Journal des Femmes and try to win molds and baking sheets from the Flexipan brand. Heres how to do it.

    What if you were rewarded by sharing your best recipes… well, it is possible! The Journal des Femmes Cuisine is organized every month Cooking competition In order to promote and reward your best recipes. In November, a chance to be a winner! Let your imagination speak through Your recipes for appetizers, main dishes and desserts To try and win a prize from among the five Flexipan on offer which includes three molds and two baking traysWith a total value of 126.70 euros.


    Do you know Flexiban?

    Flexiban is The number one brand of baking pans and linens. Thanks to craftsmanship, the Flexiban mold has survived over the years and exists today Since 1991. What makes this brand different? Subordinate Quality materials The one who gives life Flexible and non-slip molds high technology. Issue A A combination of silicone and fiberglassWhich makes the product durable: it can be used about 3000 times. he is too Resistant to extreme temperatures Included Between -40°C and 240°C. As for the place of manufacture, go to France, more precisely In the workshops of Maison Demarle Located in Hauts-de-France.

    Flexiban molds

    Flexiban tablet template © Charlie Deslands

    Do you want to prepare sweet delights? It’s more fun when you’re well equipped! Choose the best templates with the Flexipan range. In the gift set you will find A Tablet template. For fancy cakes with already defined portions, a 12 mini muffin mold For small salty or sweet meals. The latter is perfect for appetizers and celebrations with family or friends. You will also win a 12 bar template. Ideal for preparing chocolate, fruit and/or cereal snacks at home.

    Flexiban cooking clothes

    There’s nothing more frustrating than ruining your preparation by cooking on an ill-fitting baking sheet. To remedy this problem, Flexipan offers a multi-purpose canvas. Extremely versatile, it allows you to do just that Cook evenly Sweet and savory preparations of all kinds: biscuits, cookies, cakes and other pastries. Branding adds a lot Baker’s cloth. It is ideal for baking croissants, bagels and brioche. With these cooking clothes, No need to use disposable baking paper anymore On your plate. With these fabrics, a little cleaning is enough to reuse this tool endlessly.

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