In Saint-Tropez, the insane amount that restaurateurs demand just to get the right to a reservation


    Saint-Tropez restaurants have caused a stir by imposing a minimum spend of thousands of euros for reservations within their establishment. And the scandal doesn’t stop there.

    I want you Restoration during your stay in Saint-Tropez ? It won’t cost you! Far Morning revealed that Many establishments claim a minimum spend of over €4,000 per table. A more common practice than you might think in jet city.

    Reservation that costs

    Although Saint-Tropez is known for its luxury and eccentricity, the latest news shocked many. In fact, a poll Far Morning It revealed that some Saint-Tropez restaurants require a minimum spend of over €4,000 per table or 1400 euros per person. “You are asked for your first and last name. It checks if you are registered on their profile. This happens when the amount you’ve already spent and ordered on drinks, etc. is assessed, including tip.‘Can we read in the article. It is then necessary to ensure the amount of expenses ”Hoping to get a table at one of St Tropez’s most popular restaurant clubs“.

    On the other hand, these establishments impose a “compulsory” tip of up to an additional thousand euros when paying by credit card. “That night, an Italian friend is caught in the parking lot for a tip 500 euros wasn’t high enough. The staff asked him to leave 20% of the note. And that “it was so.” What is this way to do it? We have become hostages to these people! protested one customer interviewed by the media.

    If you did not spend this amount on your previous visit or left a large enough tip, the database will show this and future reservations will be rejected. “If the name doesn’t flatter you and you’re not in the first category, you’ll be told the restaurant is full until the end of August. We will then direct you to one of the other restaurants in the group.“.

    Offered penalties

    The mayor of Saint-Tropez, Sylvie Serre, lamented the presence of these increasingly widespread practices. ‘“These facts to me are very shocking, because unfortunately they are very real.”She compares this lower amount to Outright blackmail It is completely different from entering a bank card fingerprint.”.

    She also protested the practice of forced tipping, which she equated to “organized extortion”. ‘“We are still far from the essence of tipping, which represents customer satisfaction, which is paid at the discretion of the consumer and which is not part of the bill, because in France, service is understood“, Emphasizes.

    Finally, Selfie Siri investigated the illegality of the customer databases it created.Violation of the provisions relating to the protection of personal data. This database is nothing more and nothing less than Purely illegal trackingwhen consent is not requiredIt said violating restaurants could have their overnight licenses revoked as a result.