Is it really possible to freeze smoked salmon before the holiday?


    Christmas is approaching and this year, you want to anticipate your festive meal. But the question arises from the beginning: Can you really freeze smoked salmon? We tell you everything.

    As Eid approaches Christmas, poses a menu question. To relieve the stress of the last few days, avoid store crowds and take full advantage of New Year’s Eve, have you thought about buying smoked salmon in advance? But can we really freeze this staple on the holiday table without compromising its quality?

    The keys to properly freezing smoked salmon

    the smoked salmon It is one of the holiday foods you can buy and freeze while waiting for the big day. But to ensure that Freshness And the taste of smoked salmon, be sure to follow these tips.

    Start by choosing A Quality and fresh products. With the FishWe’re not playing with fire! Checking the colour, uniformity and presence of marks such as Label Rouge or IGP, which are indicators of quality. Please note that your smoked salmon should not have the words “thawed product” on the package. Otherwise you won’t be able to refreeze it!

    To freeze, it’s very simple. If the package is new, you can Place as in the refrigerator. But if you’ve already fallen in love with a slice of smoked salmon or purchased it from your local store fish seller, MoiThe Norwegian smoked salmon giant recommends wrapping the fillets individually in plastic wrap and laying them flat in the refrigerator. This way they won’t stick together when defrosting. And if you have a machine to put it Under vacuumEven better! Salmon can be stored at room temperature -18°C for up to six months.

    How to defrost your smoked salmon?

    It’s time to awaken your flavors Salmon New Year’s Eve. Ideally, don’t leave it to the last minute. Place it in the refrigerator the day before Of its consumption. Avoid defrosting in the open air to prevent any risk of bacteria multiplying.

    Are you confused and forgot to take the salmon out of the refrigerator? Don’t panic, there is an honest way. It consists of placing the salmon in a freezer bag, then… In cold water for an hour. You will then need to change the water every 20 minutes. Once salmon is thawed, it should be eaten quickly, to begin with, on toast or Homemade blini. What to benefit from smoked salmon Delicious and fresh for your Christmas dinnerwithout the last minute hassles!