Is your dish too hot? This essential ingredient will lighten it up in no time


    Who among us has never had a heavy hand when preparing a hot or spicy recipe? This is the ingredient that will definitely save your dishes too spicy.

    macaroni Alla puttanesca, fajitas, Acra shrimp, chili, homemade harissa, guacamole or even rugelle sausage… we love all these recipes hotGourmet and very delicious. But here’s the thing, between the recipe and making it at home, there can sometimes be differences. Especially when it comes to measuring peppers. Especially since we are not all equal in facing resistance spices

    This everyday food will save your plate

    Culinary adventurers who like to try new flavors and new ingredients can sometimes make mistakes. Like existence Heavy hand on pepper And the spices… Fortunately, there is a simple trick to correct a dish that is too spicy. This is useIt is a well-known starchy food French households and very inexpensive… One simple ingredient generally available to us makes it possible to soften very spicy dishes: potato. She has the potential to do so“Soak up the extra pepper.”such as blotting.

    How do you temper a very spicy dish?

    We wash the potatoes, peel them, cut them into slices, and leave them on low heat for a while About fifteen minutes In your very hot dish during this time, the potatoes will absorb some of the intensity of the chili, thus softening the dish. When the potatoes have done their job, be sure to do so Remove trim of this starchy food with magical powers, before serving your dish. And here, your slow cooked recipe is saved! With this simple tip, there will be no waste, and your guests’ taste buds will be preserved.

    So, next time you find a dish too spicy for you, consider giving this a try Simple and economical advice Which will save you a lot of waste. Potatoes will prove to be a true ally in keeping your meal spicy and making it more enjoyable for all guests, no matter their tolerance for spice. Good appetite !