Is your salad tired? This product from the closet will restore all his strength to him


    Has your authority withered? Don’t panic, we’ve got the advice you need to spruce up your look. No, it’s not just about creating a thermal shock using ice water, there’s something more than that!

    Forget one authority In the refrigerator’s vegetable drawer, it’s a great classic. But there is no question of wasting it: it is quite possible to revive a tired salad! To do this, you have to use good old grandma’s tricks. To save your wilted salad, click here.

    A lesser-known trick than thermal shock

    Generally, We know the thermal shock technique very well To revive a wilted salad: by immersing it successively in a bath of waterwater Lukewarm then in an ice water bath. Well, there’s something else that’s less well known, Just as effective… and a little less restrictive. Here, there is no need to prepare multiple baths at different temperatures. Learn how to simply revive a wilted salad!

    How to enhance authority?

    To revive a wilted green salad, nothing could be easier: you’ll just need a salad bowl filled with fresh water and… 2 squares sugar Or powdered sugar. There’s nothing better than a sugar water bath to add some zing to a green salad. This simple preparation will give it all its crunch! Here’s how to revive a green salad:

    • Fill a large salad bowl with cold water Cover two squares of sugar or a large packet of powdered sugar.
    • Mix well and let the sugar dissolve.
    • Submerge wilted salad leaves in this sweet bath Leave them to soak quietly for 30-45 minutes in the refrigerator.
    • Rinse carefully to remove sugar and then rotate normally.

    Your salad will regain all its youth! To slow down the oxidation process, Remember to insert sheets of absorbent paper between the salad leaves in The Bag. This way, they’ll stay fresh and crunchy longer…no more waste!