It is the opposite of what we think


    If you thought the free bread on the table was meant to keep your hungry stomach waiting, this will surprise you. That’s why we serve you bread as soon as you arrive at the restaurant.

    He barely sits at the table restaurantNow the server He actually brings you a basket of bread. Although these pieces of white baguette are not always the most appetizing, your empty stomach encourages you to eat a small piece, in order to wait until your dish arrives. If she gives you this piece of bread Feeling full at this momentIn fact, it has the opposite effect on your body…that’s why they bring you bread to the table, and it’s not Not just so you can sauce your dish !

    Most often, the bread served in restaurants is white and made from refined flour, and therein lies the problem. In fact, this innocent bread basket is actually intended to make you hungrier and therefore Makes you consume more At the table! Explanations. there Baguette Classic has a glycemic index of about 70 per 100 grams, equivalent to a cookie. If you think whole wheat bread is the best choice, You are on the wrong pathHa Glycemic index It is just high! As for white bread served in slices, which is similar to sandwich bread, its glycemic index reaches 85 per 100 grams.

    Yes, something goes as white as your slice of bread. But why does eating a piece of this bread excite more than calm our appetite? Their high glycemic index quickly causes their blood sugar level to rise, but it immediately drops dramatically It activates the hunger mechanism. Therefore, you will have a harder time resisting finishing a plate of french fries than your neighbor at the table (who didn’t go for bread) or even, Order dessert in addition to your daily meal special “Only because of greed.” So think about it next time you want to throw yourself in the trash!