It’s a fact, traditional karambar no longer tastes the same – the masses are angry


    When was your last caramel? You may have noticed a change as you tasted… and for good reason, the recipe has already been modified.

    For many, crambar is not just another treat, it is a true French tradition! Nearly 82,000 kilometers of this delicacy are produced each year, enough to orbit the Earth twice. And for once, this is no joke! To better meet consumers’ expectations, the brand has developed its recipe. We tell you everything.

    The new recipe from Carambar & Co

    The goal of the new formula? Satisfying 80% of fans who found the original too harsh. So Karambar spent two and a half years perfecting his work New recipe. And for good reason, the challenge was huge: maintaining the taste Caramel Iconic, the stripe shape, the color, and of course the long-awaited jokes… with texture smoothing.

    The solution was finally found: GlueAcacia Reducing cooking time. This is the only change. Another additive in candy? Sure, but acacia gum is a Common additiveGenerally harmless. However, be careful of allergies, or even bloating if you indulge in a packet of karambar!

    The only problem with changing the recipe: the brand’s website didn’t show the new recipe List of ingredients Immediately. It has now been done, and you can find it in the new packages of the treatment:

    • Glucose syrup ;
    • Skimmed sweetened condensed milk;
    • sugar ;
    • Palm oil ;
    • Low-fat cocoa powder;
    • stabilizer (the famous acacia gum);
    • salt ;
    • Emulsifier (E471);
    • And the smells.

    A very bad joke for early fans

    the The new creambar, softer, received mixed reactions. If the majority of consumers preferred this new version in the brand test, some long-time enthusiasts feel cheated.

    For them, terms like “unique recipe” and “original” on the packaging falsely suggest that nothing has changed. Although, They miss the old texture. Despite this controversy, since the introduction of this new recipe, sales have increased by 23%. A great sign that the brand is thriving 2000 karambars are devoured every minute in France !