It’s the perfect time to stock up on Christmas dinner essentials


    The end of the year holidays still seem far away and you don’t have time to prepare your Christmas meal at all? However, this is a good time to purchase a product that will likely take pride of place on your holiday table. This will save you from breaking the bank right before Christmas…

    With an average budget of 120 euros Christmas dinnerThe French love to have a good time! But with inflation, it’s all good to save some money. If it is possible to benefit from it Exceptional products At parties without breaking the bank?

    Get a great deal by purchasing this holiday star product now

    Since the beginning of October, Norman trawlers have been scouring the waters to find this treasure that is so popular during the Christmas holidays: Crown. This year, fishing is particularly abundant. For example, Saint Brieuc Bay contains more than 61,300 tons of Scallop shells. With a 30% increase compared to 2022, prices have become more affordable.

    So yes! You can enjoy scallops without emptying your bank account. But when to buy them? from Second week of November, before prices rise. Just a few days before Christmas, demand explodes. The result: prices too! Anticipate your purchases via your order Shells From producers in the fall. Stock up on these delicious treats and freeze them for your holiday. No need to break the bank at the last minute!

    How to store them between now and Christmas?

    Now that you’ve stocked up on scallops for the holidays, you may be wondering How to store it at that time? The challenge: making sure your shells retain all their flavor.

    To keep scallops until Christmas, dry them well and freeze them on a tray. After it hardens, place it in airtight freezer bags. They will still be absolutely delicious Up to 6 weeksBut you can keep it for 3 months.

    How to prepare them for your Christmas meal?

    D day approaching? All you have to do is Prepare your scallops ! Dissolve it the day before the Christmas meal in a bowl of milk. This will make it soft and fresh. Drain them for a good hour, pat them dry and all you have to do is cook them to your taste: fried in butter, grilled or incorporated into seafood recipes. Enjoy your meal!