Jade Genin: From lawyer to chocolate expert!


    It’s not always easy to make a name for yourself when you’re out there "daughter". But nothing seems impossible for me Jade GenenCelebrity’s daughter Chocolatier Jacques Genin, which gradually takes over the management of the family business. This former lawyer has already given up the dress because of her love for cocoa, a world she has immersed herself in since her early childhood. Find out without delay Biography Jade Jinenwho will be a distinguished guest Best pastry chef During this twelfth season.

    Who is Jade Genen? His biography

    when Jade Genen She dives back into her childhood memories, thinking about them automatically He spends Wednesdays at his father’s chocolate factory, at that time, rue Saint-Charles in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. The self-taught chocolatier supplies the grandest Parisian palaces and Jade educates her taste not only in cocoa, but also in grand restaurants. However, the young girl first headed for law studies before going to HEC, finally joining a university. Law firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions.

    If he liked this job, an event would change everything. In 2017, Jacques Genin was awarded the Order of Agricultural Merit. Then Jade realizes that her father is not eternal and she would like to pass this knowledge of chocolate on to her children. Within a few weeks, the young woman left her job to change her life and follow in the footsteps of Jacques Genin. She says in a Forbes column: "I have the incredible opportunity to be trained by one of the icons of the profession, my father. Unique.cI’ve always learned tastes and gluttony. Primarily with my father, but also through culinary experiences that turned me upside down. Dinner at Alain Passard, French-Algerian chef Akram Benalal’s cuisine, Simon Horowitz’s chocolate tart, Sri Lankan mango soup and Caribbean-style flaming banana… Gastronomy is the science of the sensitive. I dedicate to him the same worship that the ancient Greeks used to dedicate to the bodies of their Apollos!"Says.


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    What is the role of Jade Genin within the Jacques Genin Chocolate Factory?

    For two years, Jade Gennin worked behind the scenes and joined the cast The chocolate factory on the rue de Turenne. Today she Responsible for the chocolate part of Jacques Genin’s house. young lady It also takes care of brand communications and social networks And want to develop the brand in "Change with seasons and events and adapt to our customers. I dream of developing made-to-measure." The chocolatier is also trusted with: "Consistency of excellence is the greatest challenge for gastronomy professions.Making good chocolate is one thing, while making several tons of it over decades is a much more challenging goal.."

    She intends to carry on her father’s legacy with natural products, without preservatives, dyes or food additives. "Sugar is used to a minimum only for the chemical reactions it causes and not for its flavor enhancing property. We don’t cheat with products! ",insist.


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    What is Jade Genin’s Instagram account?

    Jade Genin is very skilled with social networking. If it counts "barely" 10,000 subscribers on his profileshop account @jackgnine He has nearly 70,000 followers. If you do both files, you will discover many delicacies from home, chocolate of course, but also ice cream, chocolate bars and some pastries. If you are greedy, these two accounts will delight you!

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