Julie Andreu makes guacamole… from bean pods!


    Julie Andreu, also known as Julie’s Notebooks, explains how to upcycle bean pods into amazing guacamole! Discover his perfect recipe for an anti-waste aperitif.

    You probably already know that centuries of Bean Or peas can make excellent cuttings, but did you know that they can also be used as an appetizer…in guacamole? A doubly environmental idea because it allows, on the one hand, to recycle an item that would otherwise end up in compost, and, on the other hand, to avoid the consumption of avocados, which are often imported from far away places (Mexico, Israel, etc.). Discover the amazing alternative to Anti-waste and super delicious guacamole from Julie AndreuEasy recipe, share on France 3On the show Les Potagers de Julia.

    Ingredients for Julie Andreu’s Bean Guacamole Recipe

    For this recipe, choose organically grown beans.

    • 300 grams of pods
    • 1 tablespoon olive oil
    • Lemon juice
    • 1 clove of garlic
    • salt
    • Freshly ground pepper

    Steps to prepare bean guacamole recipe from Julie Andreu

    To prepare this recipe, you will need a pot and a blender or food processor.

    1. Start by washing the pods by submerging them in a bowl of vinegar water. Rinse carefully, drain and dry with a clean cloth.
    2. Cut the pods into slices and immerse them in a pot of boiling water. Leave it on the fire for 5 minutes from the moment it starts boiling again.
    3. Drain them then Mix it with garlic, lemon juice and a little olive oil. Add salt and pepper.

    To add a little texture, you can add a few boiled and roughly ground beans to the guacamole. If you want to completely wow your guests, you can also combine them Traditional Guacamole Spices and Herbs Like cumin, paprika, ground nutmeg, or chopped fresh coriander!