Julien Dupuy’s irresistible two-step chocolate tart


    7 ingredients, 2 steps, 5 minutes… That’s all you need to prepare this chocolate tart from Chef Julien Dupuy!

    Do Chocolate pie It won’t be the best sweets ? crisis Pie Associated with fondant chocolateWhat a joy! To truly pamper yourself, what’s better than preparing one at home? Of course, it takes more time than buying an already ready one, but the result is unbeatable! There is no excuse, especially when… Julien Dupuy Share it with us Chocolate tart recipe It must be done in two steps. convinced ? Starting !

    Ingredients for Julien Dubuy’s Chocolate Tart

    feature Recipe by Julien Dupuy Is that all the ingredients are probably already waiting for you in your cupboards. Here’s everything you’ll need:

    • Base of blind baked short crust tart
    • 200 grams 65% chocolate
    • 100 grams of milk
    • 100 grams of liquid cream
    • 1 lemon
    • A pinch of Espelette pepper
    • A drop of white rum

    Be careful when choosing the strength of the chocolate flavour, as this may alter the outcome of the recipe.

    Steps to make chocolate tart by Julien Dupuy

    This recipe only has two steps. Easy right? here they are :

    1. Pour the cream and hot milk over the chocolate, whisk and add lemon juice.
    2. Pour into the tart base, leave to rest for an hour at room temperature, then add the zest and chilli and enjoy!!

    You’ll have a spicy-tasting chocolate tart in no time! Good taste!