Michel Saran is back in the popular cooking show on M6!


    Good news for Michelle Saran fans! The featured chef returns to the cooking show on M6 and replaces another celebrity chef who has departed for new adventures…

    For more than two years, many fans of the show Top chefs He may regret leaving Michelle Saran As a member of the jury. M6 has clearly heard viewers’ complaints since The star chef will soon be back on screenas a jury member on another major cooking show for the channel!

    Michel Saran will actually be the third member of the jury The best bakery in France next to Noémie Hunyat and Bruno Cormieres. “It is a great honor and pleasure to join this beautiful program that highlights the region, craftsmanship and French heritage. I look forward to meeting Bruno and Noémie and meeting the bakers – passionate pastry chefs who never stop innovating.” The chef is happy. Thus he replaces Michel Saran Norbert Taraire Who, after ten years on the air with M6, chose to return to the kitchen to become the restaurant’s head chef 19.20 At the Prince de Galles Hotel in Paris.

    Biography between sports and gastronomy..

    Michel Saran was born on April 8, 1961 in Nogaro, Gers, to farmer parents. After obtaining the scientific baccalaureate, he wants to start working Medical studies In Toulouse. However, he was more inclined to have fun than study, and was unsuccessful in the various competitions he attempted. Meanwhile, his mother opened a farm inn in Saint-Martin-D’Armagnac. beside him, Learn the basics of cooking And he begins to appreciate it more and more. His mother noticed his potential and was able to get him a job at the Italian restaurant La main à la pâte in Paris, and then an apprenticeship with the famous chef. Alain Ducasse.

    Biography of Michelle Saran
    © Anne-Emmanuel Theon

    A year later, he continued his professional training in Michel Gerard Kakumis, then head chef. He then became second only to the three-star chef Jean-Michel Lorraine. The passion for gastronomy slowly but surely seeps into his veins. He then took the reins of the kitchens of La Pinède in Saint-Tropez, and then of the kitchens of Mas du Langoustier on the island of Porquerolles. Success was achieved: he received his first star in Michelin guide In 1991, at the age of only 30.

    Then the chef felt the desire to return to Toulouse, and in 1995 He opens his institution of the same name Less than a year later, he won a star in the Michelin Guide, followed by a second in 2003. Building on his success, he exported his expertise to Spain, to Barcelona, ​​where he opened a café of the same name. The name is the first of his two daughters, Emma, ​​born from his marriage to Françoise Saran.

    Although nothing he had appreciated until then on the small screen, Michelle Saran embarks on a new challenge: joining the judging panel for the sixth season of the show. Top chefs Broadcasting on M6 Throughout the episodes, viewers notice a curious detail: Michel Saran is the only juror wearing a t-shirt and top Black apron. Why ? “I received this new uniform the day I found out I got my second badge.” He says. Superstition did the rest… The chef left the program against his will in 2021, and was replaced by Glenn Fell.

    After becoming a journalist, Michel Saran has a series of projects: Collaborates with SNCF To develop menus for TGVs, he also provides culinary advice to the Elior Group and participates in writing Cookbooks. And like a good adventurer, he’s taking his time Pilot’s license at age 53 !

    In 2023, Michel Saran returns to television sets to become a jury member The best bakery in France Along with Noémie Honiat and Bruno Cormieres.

    Where to find Michel Saran restaurants?

    In Toulouse, the chef installed him restaurant Michelle Saran At 21 rue Armand Duportal, in a private mansion housing the Claude Ripardier restaurant. He works there with his team of 28 people. Each day the establishment welcomes only about fifty guests, with the specific aim of maintaining a number of guests Intimate atmosphere. “Here, it’s more of a home than just a restaurant.” He says. The rooms are decorated with Compass paintings, and the original furniture was designed by the chef’s brother, Patrick.

    In Barcelona, ​​Michel Saran opened Emma’s Cafe In collaboration with Chef Romain Fornel. This establishment – whose name pays homage to the daughter of the first and the wife of the second – is designed in the form of a French bistro. Here, customers enjoy French cuisine mixed with local flavours.

    At the end of 2020, the distinguished chef opened a restaurant Croc Michela restaurant specializing in guilty pleasure, the Croque monsieur. Due to the COVID-19 health crisis, sales are only being made by click and collect. Building on the success of the first store, the Croq’Michel ephemeral store opened in Paris on May 12, 2021.

    Michel Saran Restaurant
    © Jean-Jacques Guelbaert

    Delicate, passionate, bold, rich but never cloying… Michel Saran’s cuisine is not lacking in positive qualities! It is particularly inspired by Spanish, Moroccan and Japanese flavoursmixed with Smells of the Toulouse region. Michel Saran explores cuisine over the seasons and changes over the years. “I have new experiences, I experience new feelings, I discover new places and new people, and that’s all I want to share through my cooking.” Thus the chef develops his recipes by recalling the memory of his tastes and letting himself be carried away by his emotions. Score on the board? A delicate, touching and poetic combination

    What are Michelle Saran’s emblematic recipes?

    Jarswa main course: Duck liver in warm pilon oyster soupAccompanied by grilled liver bread with oyster leaves. But that’s not all: the chef has several strings to his bow to delight his guests! His kitchen is full of subtle and unexpected combinations, e.g Coffee in Black truffleaccompanied by crunchy rock mascarpone. “For me, the aromatic aspect of coffee and the strength of truffles are not mutually exclusive.” He explains.

    Moreover, even if the Southwestern touch is felt in some creations e.gAveyron baby lamb grilled on Toulouse bricksthe chef also knows how to draw inspiration from exotic flavours, with tarbes beans in a light mousse with aged rum and coconut milk. “I don’t like dishes to be linear. Because life is not linear. The dish is a piece of life notes philosophically. In terms of sweetness, chef Michel Saran stood out with his puffy plum crust Tarbes bean mousse, according to Veronique André in Little Little Secrets. Chefs“Published September 2021 by Hachette Pratique.