Mold in jam? A simple gesture to avoid


    Are you tired of having to throw away jam jars that have been opened for too long? Say goodbye to mold and yes to freshness with our innovative advice!

    Whether on toast, with cheese, PhuaIn your pastries or yoghurt, jam is a must at the doors of our refrigerator! To take full advantage of it, Maintaining it well is essential. After opening the jar, place it in the refrigerator. Keeps cold Unique flavors and texture Subordinate jam. to Every time you serve yourself, use a clean spoon or knife. Nothing really new, right? Despite these precautions, it can still be detected Mold In your jam jar. Not a very fun way to start the day…so we He reveals another tip for storing longer.

    How long does an opened jar of jam stay in the refrigerator?

    Even if the jam is sweet, it doesn’t keep forever! After openingyou generally need that Consume within 10 to 15 days. The more it contains sugarThe longer the period. Take a look at the label to better estimate its shelf life.

    to See if your jam is still goodNote if:

    • Color Change.
    • Mold has appeared. If it’s just on the surface, remove it with a small spoon or knife;
    • It smells strange.

    These signs should alert you. If you spot any, it’s best to discard the jam.

    Our guaranteed advice for extending the shelf life of jam

    There is a magic solution for Extending the life of jam. That’s enough Return the jars to the refrigerator, making sure to close it carefully beforehand. This tip removes air trapped between the lid and the jam. This delays the formation of mold on top.

    There are many other techniques for Keep the jam openlike spraying a spoon coffee of white sugar between each use. But placing the jars upside down in the refrigerator is the most effective and, above all, the simplest! So, we’ll let you put this little secret into practice to share with those around you, and you’ll let us know what you’re up to.