Mold with original shapes and unusual spices… How does the best pastry chef organize his tools and ingredients?


    During creative auditions, Best Pastry Chef nominees sometimes have ideas that are out of the ordinary. And so as not to hinder them in their creativity, they have an array of ingredients and tools at their disposal.

    There are no limits! in Best pastry chefs, Candidates follow their ideas. So much so that we wonder How the teams behind the scenes were able to provide them with all the useful tools. Between original shaped molds, unusual machines, and even unusual components… how Do the teams organize themselves to provide the best possible to amateur pastry chefs? Here is the answer!

    How does Le Meilleur Pâtissier have so many original instruments?

    With one Kitchen management consists of several people Responsible for managing food stocks, the nominees for the Best Pastry Chef award have no limits to their imagination! The same goes for the shapes they want to give their creations. A team takes care to anticipate the needs and desires of the pastry chefs according to each event. “In the castle, we have 1000 different templates and every year more. We look a lot at trends and what’s happening and we increase stock every time, explains Jeremy Atlan, entertainment director at BBC France. I think that We have increased to 1200 or even 1300 mussels in 2023. So If they need a specific template, we will definitely get it. If we don’t find it, it’s always possible for someone to find or develop another idea. But it never happened that he did not find their happiness.”

    And provide pastry chefs as quickly as possible, “The team takes care of collecting useful tools once the candidates choose their preparation idea. This is done in a few minutes. “They start with the basics, and during this time we go and gather what they need and then ask them if it works for them.”

    For components, “We truly have an incredible inventory!” If the candidates want to do so indigenous associations,We really try to consider them in advance. Benoit Couverand, right-hand man Cyril Legnac He discusses with the teams before the tests to explain possible taste associations depending on the topics selected. If pastry chefs have special desires for their origins, for example, They can bring their own products. For the 2023 season, there is for example a candidate coming from Benin, who brought what he wanted for Be able to use it whenever he wants In competition.”