“My life is a lie!” Internet users are choking


    This dessert that rocked our childhoods and continues to delight generations around the world is at the center of a controversy like only the Internet knows how to invent: an influencer discovered that although he always thought Petit Velos was yogurt, there had been a deception on the merchandise.

    The ‘penny money’, these delicious sweets that our children love, are at the heart of the revelation that has left many netizens speechless. Contrary to what many people think, these little treats are not made from… yogurt. Yes, you read correctly.

    Mali, an English TikTok user, shared her surprise when she found out The “little phyllos” are actually made of cheese. His video, in which he expressed his shock at the discovery, quickly went viral. “You mean all my childhood I enjoyed strawberry cheesecake??? If it’s not yogurt and it’s cheese, don’t call it yogurt!”, shouted -Ho. “My life is a lie!” He writes at the top of the video.

    © TikTok screenshot

    The majority of people had no idea that these tangy sweets were actually cheese. more accurate, They are made from “fresh cheese”. For many, this revelation came as a real shock. The comments under Mali’s video show how surprising this discovery was to many Internet users. “I thought ‘fresh cheese’ only meant baby yoghurt,” one wrote. Another added: “Knowing it’s cowardice absolutely disgusts me.” “It’s a good day to have a dairy allergy!” Another user joked.

    “You mean I actually ate strawberry cheesecake all my childhood??? My life is a lie!”

    However, some netizens insisted that they were already aware of the matter. “How did you not know?” someone asked. Another commented: “No one lied to you, you just don’t know the difference between cream cheese and yogurt.” And you, did you know that or not? Let’s see if the news causes as much shock in France as it does across the Channel…