No more tedious peeling of clementines


    Do you like clementines? Good news: the season is in full swing! The only problem is that you don’t have the patience to peel it. We’ll give you the technique to get there in no time.

    That’s it, the first clementines of the season have appeared on our fruit stands. Thanks to its slightly refreshing taste and vitamin content, Clementine everything is OK. Although, Some people hate peeling it, even if it means giving up the virtues of winter citrus fruits. That’s why we found you Very effective technique. No more peeling, it’s time for a quick and delicious treat. We tell you everything!

    The technique of enjoying clementines without peeling them

    Here’s how to say goodbye to Clementines under the nails and their sticky juice spoil the fun. Save time with this super practical technique. Your fruit salads will thank you and so will you.

    We’re all used to peeling whole clementines, before dividing them into two parts and picking them piece by piece. Here’s a simple tip to go straight to the tasting stage without peeling the fruit.

    Take a knife and cut the clementine in half. The cutting location doesn’t matter, you can split it wherever you want. Then, with a magical gesture, Push the skin with your thumb To make neighborhoods stand out like a bouquet of flowers.

    All you have to do is help yourself before repeating the same process on the other half of the clementine. That’s it !

    This is amazing The trick works with all your citrus fruits Like orange or even grapefruit. As a bonus, you can also apply this technique to enjoy mangoes more easily. To do this, use the same process, but before pushing the peel, draw a grid into the flesh of this juicy fruit so you can enjoy it in delicious squares.

    Thanks to this simple hack, now you can Enjoy your clementines in less than 10 seconds. No more tedious peeling, your fruits open as if by magic. So, enjoy this seasonal fruit in moderation.