Norbert Tarrère turns leek roots into crispy fritters!


    Don’t throw away the leek roots! Not only are they edible, they’re delicious too! Chef Norbert Tarairi brings you his recipe for turning shallot roots into extra-crispy patties.

    Did you know that the base of shallots covered with soft white roots can be eaten? Yes, everything is good in leeks, even the little roots! This part of the leek is very aromatic : Offers a flavor similar to onions. Good idea to promote it easily? Fry them using the tempura maker! This is a brilliant idea to get kids to eat leeks. Discover the recipe from Chef Norbert Tarary.

    Ingredients for Leek Root Pies by Norbert Tarary

    For this recipe, choose organically raised shallots.

    • 4-5 leek bases with roots
    • frying oil
    • Salt, pepper

    For the device:

    • 90 cold water
    • 100 grams of sifted flour
    • salt
    • Freshly ground pepper

    Steps for Norbert Tarrère’s Root Leek Pies Recipe

    Before starting this recipe, make sure to clean the shallot roots well. To do this, simply Soak them in vinegar water Then rinse it carefully with clean water. Then dry them on a clean cloth.

    1. Preparing the tempura batter: In a salad bowl, mix the sifted flour with water. Whisk to remove any lumps. Add salt and pepper.
    2. Heat the oil bath in a deep pot.
    3. Dip the leek roots into the tempura mixture, drain them, then dip them in the oil When you start shaking.
    4. When the tempura root beans turn golden brown, carefully drain them and drain Place it on absorbent paper. The season is hot.

    These little root pies go great with stuffed leeks, but can also be served inside them As an appetizer, with white sauce with fresh herbs !