Once reheated in the microwave, these foods become toxins


    Are you preparing your cutlery for lunch the next day at work? One evening when you’re too lazy to cook, would you rather reheat that little bowl of rice stashed in your fridge? However, reheating some foods can have consequences. We tell you everything.

    There are plenty of good excuses for not cooking every meal 100% fresh. Lack of time, location issues, or even just laziness… it’s completely understandable! But be careful, many experts warn of some foods that may be very harmful to your health if reheated, with potential consequences. From bloating to food poisoning. An overview of foods that should definitely not be microwaved

    For them, there is no second chance

    • remains A chick From the previous day it is eaten cold with mayonnaise, that’s it! Microwaves don’t cook evenly, putting you at risk for constipation Salmonella. If you like your chicken really hot, you should cook it well beforehand to try for gentle reheating. If it’s still a little pink, it’s best to prefer A to cook Tender in the oven or in the pan.
    • Vegetables containing nitrates are also a problem. Celery passesspinach And also beets All three have contraindications for microwave use. Although these vegetables are a source of fiber and vitamins, they are also full of nitrates that, once reheated, turn into nitrites, which can be dangerous to humans.
    • As surprising as it may seem, Potatoes It doesn’t get warm either. This starchy, rich food is one of the French’s favorite side dishes. But once reheated, it loses all its nutrients and can become more difficult to digest, or even toxic. Go for potato salads, they’re good too.

    They haven’t been banned yet

    As for the following, it mainly depends on your metabolism. We don’t digest all foods the same way.

    • It remains the most famous rice. This food causes stomach problems due to bacteria Bacillus cereus bacteria Found in grains such as rice. If you do Cooling your rice outside for too long Before putting them in the refrigerator or if they are cooked poorly, bacteria multiply in these poorly preserved grains. Most of the time, the consequences are relatively mild, but in the worst cases, these bacteria can cause death. To reduce the risk, you can reheat the rice by adding about 20 ml of water to prevent the proliferation of toxins that may have formed, or from a more flavorful point of view, to get a much better dish of reheated rice. Sticky and dry.
    • the Mushrooms from Paris It can heat up, but under certain conditions. For example, it cannot be kept for more than two days after preparation. Obviously, they lose some of their great flavour, whether in jungle sauce or with crème fraîche, and you risk digesting them less well.

    Maybe you always reheated these foods the next day and never ate anything? It is possible and normal. Not everyone has the same metabolism, and prevention is better than cure! Therefore, the most important thing is to respect the cold chain, by not letting our food cool in the open air for a long time. For some of them, it’s better not to reheat them to avoid any unpleasant surprises (and they’re very good, even cold…)