One chef advises against choosing this dish in a restaurant at the beginning of the week


    Would you like to enjoy this deliciously named dish in your bistro this lunchtime, to start the week off right? That’s why you may want to wait until at least Thursday to enjoy yourself.

    When we choose a restaurant, we are often looking for an exceptional gastronomic experience, a moment of delight that goes beyond our everyday lives. The promise of fresh, delicate flavors may be the main reason we walk through the door of the establishment. With the growing trend of nutritional transparency, more and more restaurants are proud to showcase their local suppliers, ensuring freshness and quality. After all, isn’t that what we’re paying for: a dish that we don’t have to prepare ourselves, without the hassle of cooking? True, what’s better than hot trout with almonds, served at the table, without having to clean the buttery pan afterwards…

    In his best-selling book, Kitchen Confidential: Adventures into the Culinary Underbelly, celebrated chef and culinary journalist Anthony Bourdain takes us behind the scenes, revealing the intricacies of the culinary world. He shares tips and tricks, but above all information that can change our outlook on dining out. Among all the nuggets of information you provide us, there is one that particularly stands out to the informed consumer…

    A restaurant is a business like any other and must sell its inventory to be profitable. When you order fish at a restaurant, do you imagine that it has just come off the boat and been caught that morning? mistake. Even if the fish it serves is no longer at peak freshness (and is still healthy for consumption), the restaurant will not remove it from the menu.

    However, fishmongers are never open on Sunday! Additionally, note that fish is often ordered in large quantities on a Thursday or Friday at the restaurant, in anticipation of weekend crowds. So you should prefer these days when ordering fish in a restaurant! With the possible exception of sole meunière, this fish benefits from being kept in the refrigerator for a day or two before cooking: its meat will be more tender. Therefore, the fish served in the restaurant on Monday or even at the beginning of the week must have been caught several days ago…or it will be very fresh, which is better from a health point of view but not from a taste point of view. Of opinion. It is understood that fish is a weekend snack, and to start the week off right, opt for meat… or vegetarian dishes.