Our pizza maker tips to make it light, crispy and tender


    Perfect dough, first-class crunch, generous and fragrant toppings… here are some tips for making a great pizza!

    Friends come over for dinner and you don’t know what to prepare? So choose A Homemade pizza ! With its soft and crunchy dough, delicious filling, and unparalleled fondant, it will delight kids and adults alike. Discover our tips to make your pizza a success and impress everyone!

    Nothing like a Dough house For exceptional pizza! Here’s the basic recipe: Start by diluting 40 grams of water Bread yeast In a quarter cup of lukewarm water. Then add 2 handfuls of flour. Mix and leave to rest for 30 minutes away from drafts. Make a fountain with 700 grams of flour and put it in it. yeast And also a little salt. Knead the dough vigorously for 15 minutes. Make a ball, sprinkle it with flour, make a cross on it, and let it double in size for an hour and a half in a covered bowl, warm and away from drafts. Knead again for 1 minute, then roll out into a 5mm thick disc. Straighten the edge with your thumb to form a bead. The pizza is now ready to decorate and bake in the oven (leaving a 2cm margin along the edges).

    Want to customize your own Pizza dough ? maybe ! Mix the basil into your pasteOr oregano, rosemary, or thyme (dried), for example, and you will get a delicious scent. You can also choose spices such as curry or cumin. Real child’s play!

    To get you started, now that you know the basic dough recipe, here are some great classics:

    • Neapolitan pizza Prepare the dough spread from 5 to 6 peeled and chopped tomatoes, spraying them with olive oil. Bake for 18 minutes at 220°C (thermostat 7-8) then add 150g of diced mozzarella, oregano and 8 anchovy fillets. Add salt and add more oil before continuing to cook for 7 to 8 minutes for a crispy pizza.
    • The famous margherita pizza It is prepared in the same way, adding mozzarella cheese and basil only after 18 minutes of cooking, and a little salt, pepper and olive oil.
    • Regina’s pizza It is obtained by decorating the dough with tomato sauce, bacon, some mushrooms, olives and mozzarella.

    Then let your desires speak: With four cheeses, Four Seasons, Hawaiian or even seafood-Compose according to your desires! A good homemade tomato sauce, olive oil, a little garlic and oregano give a very nice aroma.

    For a pizza base, nothing is better than a good homemade tomato sauce. But be careful, if it’s too runny, it may make your pizza dough soggy. Therefore it is necessary that Let it reduce well before placing it on the dough. The advice also applies if you’re using canned peeled tomatoes: sauté them in a pan! This will give a more concentrated juice and will be less likely to soften the dough.

    Whether you’re making a margherita pizza, a four-season pizza or even a four-cheese pizza, try adding a touch of pesto To the tomato or cream base. This twist will bring deliciousness and enhance the flavors of fresh basil.

    A particularly good pizza is characterized by its crispy dough. To make it perfect, place it on a baking tray A bowl filled with water. This will release the steam and give you the dough that is just as crispy as it should be. You can also add a little oil (preferably olive oil to maintain the correct tone).

    If you don’t have a pizza oven, instead of a traditional oven, you can try the grill option. Once the grill is hot, Cook the pizza dough on both sides on the grill. When the dough is cooked, reduce the embers a little, add the filling, and leave it to cook covered. You’ll get a pizza with a slightly smoky taste, almost like a wood oven!

    If you are making pizza dough at home, the best way to do this isGet even cooking Is using a pizza stone. By placing raw pizza dough with toppings on the already hot stone, it will cook quickly and the toppings will not have time to soften the dough. If you don’t have a pizza stone, a baking sheet will also work.

    To roll out the dough like a pro, start flattening it with your fist. Press evenly all over the dough afterward You extend it with your hands Without pulling it too much but lifting it and rotating it. And jump!

    Some people shy away from pizza crusts because they don’t have toppings. Make it attractive Fill them with cheese. They are all plump, very crunchy on top and stringy on the inside. It’s up to you to choose which one: Cheese slices Croque monsieur or Cheddarthe follower Raclettefrom’Emmentalthe follower Mozzarella…roll the edges over themselves. Then decorate the pizza as usual.

    To season four cheese pizza or For a change from mozzarella in other recipes, choose cheeses with more character! For example, merge a little Scamorza, an Italian cheese with a smoky flavour Or slightly aged Mimolette to add depth to your appetizer.

    To prepare a good calzone, before folding the dough on itself and after filling it well, Brush edges with beaten egg white. Then pinch with your fingers to seal the dough evenly and tightly. All you have to do is grab a spoon before transferring the calzone to the baking tray. Simple, right?

    And if you do in Salty sweet ? Have you thought about sprinkling veggies on your pizza with… Drizzle of honey Mixed with a little vinegar? To slide pieces of fruit in? Idea: cover bread dough with diluted coconut milk, add banana slices, chicken pieces cooked in a pan seasoned to your taste (with curry for example), roasted peppers and onions. Or mix on Pear and cheese pizzaShrimp, mango, tuna, pineapple… Only one rule: get creative!

    For authentic pizza, make it Depending on the region Where are you. For example, do you live in northern France? Make a Pizza Maruel! Do you live in Jura? Try the Morbier mushroom sausage from Morteau. Are you in the Southwest? Try the gizzards and duck confit… With the same idea, you can think of countries, by making Russian pizza, Swedish pizza or… Japanese pizza.

    To avoid finishing Withered basil or oxidized arugula leaves Wait a few minutes after cooking to add them to the filling! This advice also applies to all fresh herbs.

    Why don’t we realize? Pizza for dessert ? Of course it’s not very academic, but it’s really good. Idea: Spread a mixture of Chocolate chips Dark pastry containing 70% cocoa, fresh cream, sugar and vanilla sugar. Sprinkle with banana Cut into slices and then peeled almonds. And hey, in the oven! Or try it Apple pie style pizzaBy placing fried apple slices on a homemade compote and seasoning the dough with cinnamon. Serve sweet lovers with caramel Salted butter And a scoop of vanilla ice cream.