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What happens when you swallow an insect hidden on your plate?


Insects on your plate? Or maybe a small caterpillar? Before you scream and throw your meal out the window, take a minute to read the following, you might be surprised.

So, did you find a little six-legged friend in your cereal bowl this morning? Before heading to the bathroom to vomit or going to the nearest emergency room, take a deep breath. You may find it disgusting, but these little creatures may not be the nightmare you imagine.

I have swallowed a maggot or a fly. Is this dangerous to my health?

Well, the good news is that eating a bug or two (or ten) won’t turn you into a superhero with bug powers, or give you sentience. In fact, these little creatures are completely harmless once they’re in our stomachs. In fact, according to entomologist and food scientist Skye Blackburn, “it doesn’t hurt to eat it and it’s just a nutritional supplement.” ProteinsShe even adds thatThe average person consumes about a quarter of a kilogram of insects In his diet every year!

What would happen if you ate an insect?

Besides the opportunity to tell an exciting story to your friends at your next dinner party, eating insects can actually be a real treat Good for your health. Insects are Low in fat and calories, But it is rich in protein, fiber and minerals. Many cultures around the world regularly consume insects such as locusts and beetles, which are a sustainable and nutritious source of protein. In fact, eating insects can provide a range of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. Reassured?

Here are the different types of insects that are likely to inhabit your pantry:

  • Grain weevil (Cytophilus) These small insects are usually found in grains such as rice. They have a long “snout” and use their proboscis to pierce grains and lay their eggs. Once hatched, the larvae remain inside the grain until they turn into adults.
  • Flour beetles (Tribolium): These beetles are often found in flour and other ground products. It is small in size and reddish-brown in colour. The larvae look like small white worms and feed on terrestrial products.
  • Flour moth larvae (Evestea or Plodia): These moths lay their eggs in foods such as dried fruits, nuts, and grains. The larvae, which resemble small white worms, spin web-like threads around the food they infect.

If you really don’t like it, here’s how to avoid eating it next time

Prevention is key to avoiding insect infestation. Check your pantry regularly for signs of infestation. When purchasing, check packages for insects or suspicious signs. Once home, transfer the food to airtight containers. Use natural repellents, such as basil leaves LaurelIt can also help keep insects out of your kitchen. And remember to take one last look before downing a box of pills in one go when you’re not fully awake in the morning…

There is no pineapple on pizza, the best pizza maker in the world says so!


Pineapple on pizza? Sacrilege according to Michele Pascarella! This year’s top pizza chefs show us how to make real Italian-style pizza.

Stop at slices ofpineapple On the PizzaEven for the mental health of Italians! Our dear neighbors across the Alps no longer support this method of cooking. Lately, even Michelle Pascarellathe Pizza maker of the yearWho protests this practice. On the contrary, the Italian chef shares with us his advice for preparing pizza according to the rules of art.

The Golden Rules of Pizza worthy of the best pizza chefs in the world

You may have heard about it, Michele Pascarella has just won the title of Best Pizza Maker of 2023. On this occasion, the media reported NPR I went to meet him and asked him a pressing question: For or against pineapple on pizza ? Well, we doubted it a little, the chef answered, like any Italian: ““I don’t really like pineapple on pizza, sorry to all you pizza and pineapple lovers.”

To make up for those he offended, the Italian chef was kind enough to share his advice for making the best pizza in the world. The owner of his restaurant Napoli on the Road in London gives us 5 instructions to follow:

  1. Use only the freshest seasonal ingredients. “This is very important because when you use seasonal ingredients you spend less and it tastes better“.
  2. Keep it simple. The best pizzas contain few ingredients. “For the best chefs, the best dish is the simplest
  3. If you’re making your own pizza dough but don’t have all the equipment, add a little water to the dough. “It is best to use 700 grams of water for one kilo of flour,” explains Michele Pascarella.
  4. Fourth commandment (in case it’s not clear): No fruit on pizza! No need to add sweet foods when there is already tomato sauce.
  5. Finally, keep learning! Chef’s goal? Make a new pizza every day.

With all these tips from this year’s best pizza maker, it’s impossible to miss next time Homemade pizza ! It’s your turn to put it into practice!

Do you know Rosalia’s favorite Parisian ice cream shop?


The Spanish star is in Paris to attend Fashion Week and took the opportunity to celebrate her birthday at an ice cream parlor like no other… Find out which ice cream parlor is favorite among singer Rosalía!

Generally, we celebrate our birthday in a restaurant or in a bar. But the Spanish song icon, who was freed from all rules of music or dress, would not have acted like everyone else! While visiting the capital for Fashion Week, Rosalía took the opportunity to celebrate her 31st birthday on September 25. At his favorite Parisian ice cream parlor.

A glacier for both children and adults

After her notable appearance at Dior’s fashion show on Monday, the Spanish singer has had her time His birthday party at one of the most famous ice cream shops in the capital. They serve homemade ice cream from 4pm to 11pm, but also…natural wine! This is Folderol, a new gelato and wine shop concept created by couple Jessica Lange and Robert Compagnon, who are also owners of the restaurant Rigmarole, with two addresses In the 11th district. Since this hybrid location opened its doors in 2020, it has never been empty and even attracts a crowd of foreign customers. It must be said that the frozen (and liquid) pleasures there are delicious. This did not escape The Spanish singer-songwriter who came with her friends Like the high-profile couple formed by Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet.

Ice cream with original flavors

Despite the queue gathering in front of him A brand is a victim of its own success, Folderol ice cream is worth a detour. From classic chocolate and vanilla flavors to the original ‘Wedding Cake’, ‘Hibiscus Orange’ or ‘Pomelo Jasmine’, there’s something for everyone. These colorful ice creams and sorbets have a firm consistency Served in soy cones with rapadura sugar. On the wine side, in Folderol you can find a number of wine growers who thrive in the liquid scene, such as Jean-Marc Dreyer’s signature Alsatian wines or the highly desirable Frères Soulier (Rhône Valley) wines.

Your new gourmet gathering led by 4 talented chefs


During the Flavor Match, taking place from September 8 to October 28, four celebrity chefs are reinventing the world’s most famous burger sauces. Organized by the Japanese beer company Asahi, we will tell you more about this new competition that is not to be missed!

Attention burger lovers! The competition Flavors match I organized it beer The world’s most consumed Japanese cuisine, ultra-dry Asahi, pays homage to the ancient king of street food. They have four talented chefs 20 International Burger Sauces Revisitedready to delight your taste buds in nine cities in France and more than 300 cities Restaurants Partners until October 28. (Re)discover them.

Who are the chefs participating in this new competition?

Three of them have names you’ve probably already heard somewhere since they’re old Top Chef nominees. These are the leaders Chloe Charles, Gianmarco Gurni and Jarvis Scott. Asahi also called for their support in this adventure Shaw Miyashita, a chef who has achieved great success in France since 2020. Each of these big names was assigned five countries, and they had to claim their colors with a sauce of their own composition. For example, chef Chloé Charles defends the French and Portuguese flags, Gianmarco Gurni is inspired by Italy and Uruguay, Sho Miyashita promotes the Japanese and Chilean colours, while Jarvis Scott presents Sauces Inspired by South Africa as well as England. Feel free to come and support a burger with your favorite country sauce!

Special chef-style sauces

Everyone has their own personal way of cooking. What do they have in common? They like Food street And new flavors to share. Italian chef Gianmarco, who excels in unconventional cuisine with pop and street influences, creates innovative sauces using the icons we love so much from street food. Strong in her commitment to more sustainable cuisine, Chef Chloe champions gourmet recipes with delicious sauces, as in her French burger. Cantal cream with pickles Chef Shu, who is proud of his Japanese origins, has not forgotten to bring with him his original touch and experience in Japanese cooking. Bringing together innate cuisine with British accents, Chef Jarvis combines bold sauces for his five burger recipes.

Where can you taste these world-class burgers?

You can now experience the Paris experience in the restaurant 212 And Albiscorno, but also in Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Nantes, Bordeaux, Saint-Etienne and Lille. You will also have the opportunity to accompany your selection with a cold, very dry Asahi beer. Obviously, alcohol should be consumed in moderation! Find partner bars near you here.

How long does homemade soup last?


Homemade soup is a great way to stock up on vitamins and flavour. But do you know how to store homemade soup? We explain everything you need to know so your preparation doesn’t go wrong.

To maintain properly soupit is recommended to put it Airtight container Like Tupperware. It can be kept up 4 days in a cool place, in the refrigerator. And to heat it up, nothing could be easier. Simply place them in a pot or for a few minutes in the microwave in a suitable container.

To know if the soup is still edible, we invite you to pay attention to certain details. First, check it out General appearance. If your soup has mold or an unusual color, you will need to throw it away. Next, we recommend smelling your soup. This contains only fresh produce. The smell should be pleasant and delicious. If you notice that it smells like fermented liquid, discard the soup. Finally, feel free to taste your soup. If she has Bitter, sour or rancid taste, Maybe your soup has gone bad. We do not recommend drinking it.

What vegetables stir up soup?

Some vegetables tend to spoil the soup, especially if they are overcooked. The molecules break down more quickly when in contact with other foods and will change the taste and texture of the soup.

Among the vegetables that do not always allow optimal preservation of soup we find tomatoeswhich has a somewhat sour taste, Spinach Rich in nitrates and asparagus Rich in sulfur which can give a bitter taste. radish And the Beets The soup can also be stirred easily. Cabbage and cauliflower It can be spicy if overcooked. finally, zucchini It consists mainly of water and can give a mush-like appearance.

In order not to make any mistakes, it is important to strictly follow the recipe for the home soup you are preparing, cooking and adding vegetables in the indicated order. Your turn now!

Angry about polenta? Gratin François Régis Gaudry Express will change your mind!


Lumpy, tasteless, don’t know how to tame polenta? Try François-Régis Gaudry’s Super Simple Parmesan Polenta Gratin, you won’t be disappointed!

Here’s one A very delicious gluten-free alternative to Gratens macaroni! Polenta, which is finely ground cornmeal, can be cooked in thousands of different ways. In a creamy version, cooked simply with water or milk, or in crispy fingers, like French fries for example. here, François Régis Gaudry It manages to combine the textures in this gratin Crispy on top and creamy on the inside. A very simple recipe that everyone will love!

Ingredients for Polenta with Parmesan by François Régis Gaudry

For this recipe, François Régis Gaudry uses pre-cooked polentaWhich can be found commercially easily. If you already have polenta in your cupboard, but it’s not pre-cooked, you’ll need to cook it in five times its volume of water or milk for about 40 to 50 minutes, stirring regularly.

  • 250 grams of pre-cooked fine semolina porridge
  • 1 liter of milk
  • 3 eggs
  • 130g grated parmesan cheese + a little for the top
  • 25 centiliters of whipping cream
  • 15 grams of butter
  • Grated nutmeg
  • Salt and Pepper

Steps to Make Polenta Gratin with Parmesan by François Régis Gaudry

As for equipment, you will need a large pot, a small grater, and a gratin dish.

  1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
  2. In a bowl, Boil the milk over low heat with saltPepper and finely grated nutmeg.
  3. Pour the cooked polenta into the boiling milk.
  4. Stir for about 2 minutes until the polenta thickens Remove from the edge of the pan, then turn off the heat.
  5. Add the grated Parmesan, then add the eggs one by one, and mix them well.
  6. Grease a gratin dish with butter and pour the polenta into it. Smooth surface and Spread the whipping cream on top.
  7. Grate a little parmesan on top.
  8. Bake it for 35 minutes at 180°C.

When it comes out of the oven, its surface should be well browned. Serve hot with a touch of pepper grinder!

What is this tip for always getting the perfect pizza order?


Do you know Johnny Depp’s technique for ordering pizza? It’s easy and works every time!

Even if you love cooking, there are days when your heart is not in it and you give in to the urge Request a voucher for fast food. But sometimes the arrangement is disappointing. In fact, she may have been poorly prepared or even poorly handled during the trip. But that was before! Johnny Depp’s technology will change everything!

What is Johnny Depp’s technique?

Looks like we’re not the only ones disappointed with our orders. The truth is that our American neighbors are also paying the price. Frustrated and tired, @HauntedBeauty He posted a video on TikTok where he says Always give the star’s name when ordering So it is prepared with care and love. “Every time I order a pizza, the order is executed randomly. So now I always order a pizza by mentioning the name of a celebrity. Today I gave Johnny Depp’s name. Let’s see how the order is prepared,” he said. He explains. The suspense is at its peak.

Does Johnny Depp’s technique work?

The answer is yes! The trick works great. In fact, the TikToker comments on the video: “They gave me free sauce” Before adding “Here’s the chicken Alfredo. They (…) never put enough sauce and too little chicken. It’s my kids’ favorite dish. Oh, I can’t even see the bottom of the plate There are a lot of chickens.” Good news for children! But does the same observation apply to ordering pizza? “They didn’t just put the topping on one side. This pizza looks really good.” It can be heard at the end of the video. “Thank you, Johnny Depp. Thank you. We’ll eat well tonight.” He finishes.

Now you know the trick to making sure the dishes you order are always well prepared and your pizza is always well presented. All you have to do is choose the name of the celebrity you want to borrow. Anyway, you can always try!

From classic recipes to unusual recipes


We all know the famous pasta Carbonara, Bolognese or even their original variations. But, for the more curious, here’s a selection of pastas with more surprising accompaniments.

the macaroni It is an integral part of our daily meals. As a salad on the porch in the summer, with 4 cheeses for the whole family or a good bowl of mac & cheese in front of the TV after a long day, there is something to suit all tastes and at all times. But do you know these? Pasta recipesAmazing to say the least?

50 shades of pasta

Did you know that there are more than 300 different types of pasta ? From long to short, flat or twisted pasta, and in different thicknesses, the combinations are endless. But above all, do not commit sacrilege by using noodle soup to cook with stuffing! Each form of pasta comes with a specific sauce and has its own way of cooking. We’ll explain it to you.

Long, thin pasta

the Long pasta It is often combined with light tomato-based sauces or pesto. Tagliatelle f macaroni It is most famous and used, especially for making the famous Italian recipe Alla carbonara. Naturally, you can use them with a wide range of sauces. Also, never cut pasta before cooking or with a knife all at once on the plate if you don’t want to piss off the Italians!

Short pasta

Soft short pasta is cooked well Gratin. Pasta, on the other hand, is very popular in dishes with sauce, sliding in to make each bite more creamy than the last. Rigatoni, this thick, hollow pasta, is usually stuffed with the ingredients of your choice, and baked in the oven. It is impossible not to mention the penne, this pasta that goes perfectly with dishes based on fresh cream.

Long and wide pasta

the Cannelloni They are the star of this type of pasta. Filled with spinach and cream or simply with tomato sauce and meat, this type of pasta adapts very well to cook in the Oven. You can also enjoy it with a delicious sauce, such as mushroom.

Small pasta

Serve cold in salads or hot in your dishes the soupThis pasta can be eaten in any season. for example, Vermicelli pasta It would be perfect for a winter soup with vegetable or chicken broth. Orzos, in the form of small grains of rice, are featured in delicious risotto recipes.

Our pasta recipes are (really) out of the ordinary

Undoubtedly, pasta lovers have already discovered every possibility of the dish. Of course, the classics are safe values, but why not try new recipes? Don’t they say you have to taste everything to know if you like it? For ardent defenders of the phrase, here are some off-the-beaten-path pasta recipes.

Vodka spaghetti

This dish is made with tomato sauce It differs thanks to one ingredient: vodka. The process remains the same. Boil the pasta, prepare tomato sauce on the side, and add chili pepper and basil if you wish. In the almost finished sauce you will incorporate a few centimeters of alcohol. Then sprinkle the pasta with the sauce and that’s it!

Dark chocolate and chili pasta

You know or perhaps have already heard about this sweet and salty mixture in cakes or pies. These are two ingredients that go well together according to fans of this combination of flavors. After cooking the meat, add red beans and a special spicy tomato sauce for chili peppers A few squares of dark chocolate Sweet touch. Enjoy!

Seaweed pasta

It is an increasingly popular ingredient in French cuisine. In fact, even the greatest chefs have used it! Edible seaweed and its unique taste can accompany many dishes. You can especially choose nori, which is Japanese seaweed. To prepare pasta with seaweed rice, nothing could be easier. After the pasta is cooked everything happens. Arrange it Seaweed rice over pasta Immediately and enjoy this recipe with marine flavors!

Now the choice remains yours. One day a classic, and the next, let yourself be drawn to one Unusual pasta recipe.

Discover Mezeria, the cucumber salad that is changing


The cucumber salad is good but very classic. Change your cooking habits and get ready to discover the Mezria salad, the Polish version, with a touching story and delicious taste!

if authority Cucumbers are a quick dish to prepare, yet they’re still a bit (too) classic. althoug, Don’t give up on squash And start preparing the miseria.

What is miseria and where does this authority come from?

Mizeria means misery in Italian. But what lies behind this name “Commedia Dell Arte”? It is said that this cucumber salad was invented in 1500 by an Italian princess who lived in Poland. The beauty, who longed for her homeland, was imagining a recipe using famous vegetables and herbs from her new region. But it’s a pity that this salad has so much name It’s delicious and easy to make at home.

Here are the steps to prepare a delicious Mezria salad:

  1. Start by peeling the skin from the cucumber using a peeler.
  2. Then cut it into thin slices and put it in a bowl.
  3. Sprinkle the slices with salt Leave them for 15 minutes. It should bleed as much as possible until it becomes very crispy. When time is up, absorb the surplus of water using a paper towel.
  4. Then take out a large bowl and add a few tablespoons of fresh cream to it. Add a few drops of lemon juice and a little vinegarDill. For the rest of the seasoning, a little salt and pepper is enough.
  5. Once the sauce is satisfied, add the fillets option And mix everything.
  6. Finally, so your salad doesn’t lack flavor or crunch, we recommend removing some of the red onions and onion sprigs. Chives. Cut them into thin pieces and place them on top of your preparation.

All that’s left for you to do is Let it cool for 30 minutes in the refrigerator And now your Polish salad is ready to enjoy! It will be perfect to accompany meat, fish and also your BBQ grills. It will also satisfy small hunger pangs in the evening if you want to eat light food.

Who left the competition this week?


The candidates met this week for a week dedicated to the Mediterranean! Who was eliminated from Best Pastry Chef? Discover the evening summary.

A week after Christelle’s elimination, Nominees Best pastry chefs Met for a program focusing on the Mediterranean.

In the first challenge of the evening Cyril Legnac She asked the candidates to revisit one of the favorite desserts of Italians and the French: tiramisu ! “I’m ordering your 5 star tiramisus,” the chef asked. Fanny and Julia He shined again during the event thanks to the “elegant and balanced” pear and hazelnut tiramisu for the first course, and the tiramisu in which coffee was combined with whiskey for the second course. Emily He also convinced Cyril W Mercut With its cylindrical roll flavored with tiramisu. Monique and Thibault On the other hand it suffered flop due to classic and unsuccessful achievements, just like Compassionatewho served a very good orange cake, is unfortunately off topic.

For Mercotte’s technical test, amateur pastry chefs were competing with them Rapska torta, a Croatian specialty created in the 12th century. After successfully passing the first test, Emily came in last place behind Hafido and Khrideen. The bronze medal went to Ninon, while Ahmed came in second place. David won the Mercotte Challenge.

Finally, during the creative test, candidates received a visit from… Pierre Hermé. They had to reproduce The Greek god/goddess/Keo who most represents them in the form of a cake. The pastry chef chose his favorite which went to Thibaut. The young candidate, who had a poor start this week in the first two tests, wowed the judges with his cake representing the god of the sky and lightning. “It’s a perfect cake with a balanced berry and pepper mixture and very good pollen. I don’t particularly like pepper but it works well,” admitted Pierre Hermé. The blue apron was given to Davidwhile Monique is eliminated.

Which nominee for Best Pastry Chef was eliminated?

Every week, a candidate is eliminated from the list of the best pastry chefs. Here are the identities of the amateur pastry chefs who have already left the adventure:

  • Week 1: Richard and Lilo
  • Week 2 :Christelle
  • Week 3 : Monique

What’s new in Season 12 of Top Pastry Chef?

If Cyril and Mercut were still masters of ceremonies Best pastry chefs next to Mary Portolano, Candidates must be surprised by the many new features of this Season 12. the Cyril’s challenge It changes the formula a bit to get back to basics. That is why the commander appealed to the French to ask them what they had Favorite dessert. Lemon tarts, tiramisu, tarts… Week after week, amateur pastry chefs will have to reconsider simple, everyday desserts to convince Cyril and Mercot that they deserve their place in the competition.

The Mercotte technical test has also been slightly modified and… Surprise technical test ! Each week, Mercotte will ask candidates to take on a different challenge, sometimes without a recipe, or just by taste, or after following a masterclass or little tip revealed by a great pastry chef. “They will offer simple tips that viewers will definitely want to repeat at home.” M6 confirms. for the first time, Mercotte will also participate and provide masterclasses to candidates To reproduce a recipe from his famous book. Another surprise: Mohamed, the symbolic candidate of Season 10, will also be present in the theme of deception.Eye.

for Creative test,The concept remains the same, however Chefs Regular guests of the show such as Krzysztof Michalak or Pierre Hermé, but also some new faces e.g Gad Jenin. “This event will have its share of great emotions and achievements but also disasters.” M6 sums up.

Also, for the first time, the candidates will leave the traditional setting of the tent to create their own external test, In the Disneyland Paris Magic Park ! Finally, the parallel Mercotte competition will also return and will allow the eliminated candidate to return later in the official competition.

Who are the nominees for the Best Pastry Chef Award 2023?

this year, 16 amateur pastry chefs They are at the starting line. Lilo, Khairuddin, Richard, Ninon, Hafido… Get to know the new candidates who will delight you over the weeks:

Who makes up the judging panel for the best pastry chef?

As usual, Cyril and Mercut The judging panel for this season will be 12 of the best pastry chefs. And of course they will be supported by many famous pastry chefs such as Pierre Hermé, Christophe Michalak and Jade Genin.

Who offers the best pastry chef?

After proving himself during the first two seasons with amateurs and then with professionals, Mary Portolano He returned for Season 12 of Top Pastry Chef. The hostess still has to please us with her sense of humor and good sense of humor. However, this will be his last season.

Who are the winners of the Best Pastry Chef Award?

For 11 years, as you can imagine, a large number of nominees have won the title of “Best Pastry Chef”. For the more nostalgic among you, we’ve put them together List of winners For the best pastry chef since the first season.

Where can I find Best Pastry Chef Remodeling?

M6 channel and its service 6play It allows you to watch the missed episode even weeks after it aired. This will give you time to take notes and become a baking expert yourself.