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    Kristelle, a true artist, isn’t afraid to get creative in the kitchen. Here’s the journey and world of this Season 12 Best Pastry Chef nominee.

    It’s not sequins Christine He only puts colors in his life! She dreamed of it and finally lived this wonderful adventure that “thousands of people would like to live”: Best pastry chef. Be warned, it promises viewers “more laughter, tears, big cats and sweet cake”.

    Who is Christine?

    Christel is Early childhood facilitator and (Conflans-en-Jarnisy in Meurthe-et-Moselle). She is therefore fearless when it comes to creativity: her imagination is endless, to say the least! With children, she knows how to be creative and always be in a good mood. She loves DIY, decorating and all creative hobbies which strongly inspire her gourmet creations. What she loves more than anything else is drawing and it shows: His pastries are almost plates. These are one-of-a-kind works that leave room for color, be it strawberry red, birthday man green, or her navy blue cake. Being involved in Meilleur Pâtissier, she likes to have fun and loves to write her own pastry book including her own recipes.

    His world is in pastries

    Kristel makes her own recipes, and even before her stomach is happy, she dazzles her eyes. She cares about her presentations, she is so beautiful and full of delicious details. The praline, lemon and rosemary mousse is astounding. His cake “My Exotic” is really tempting with its gorgeous fruits placed on top. The hazelnut daquis, chocolate bars, and baroque are also visually stunning. She also likes to revisit classics, like tiramisu made into a mug cake or charlotte with tonka bean and red fruit madeleines. We also don’t forget the impressive number of cakes and birthday cakes, especially the Harry Potter pear chocolate cake. Abracdra, it puts us in the spotlight!

    What is Kristel’s account on Instagram?

    on His Instagram accountKrystel shares her daily creations. From croissants to Swiss brioche, marble tarts and fruit, it’s all right! Apart from a few shots of travel or painting, his photos are devoted to pastries. In a recent shot, she shows herself in front of a tent Best pastry chef. And we can say that she is happy! She smiles, even commenting on a dream come true.

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