Pasta water will no longer overflow thanks to this little-known trick


    Tired of making pasta water boil? There is a simple technique to help you avoid this, and frankly it’s not worth skipping.

    to’water Surplus pasta is a great classic. Yes, because when you prepare pasta, you just have to leave the pan unattended for a few seconds until it overflows. Then we rush to Cleaning the board to cook To prevent the starch in the water from leaving traces on it. As a result of the races, we leave the pasta in the pan and it ends up being overcooked… To avoid this type of unpleasant situation, you should of course avoid slipping out of the kitchen when cooking. But to increase your chances of cooking successfully macaroni Without creating a volcanic eruption in the water bowl, There is a simple little trick to know. We will explain!

    A problem associated with the presence of starch

    When pasta is cooked, large bubbles form in the water. The problem is that the starch in the pasta Which is released in hot water hardens and then forms a layer on the surface. This film prevents the bubbles from bursting to release pressure and eventually cause a tidal wave… To prevent the pasta water from overflowing, Forget the cap, it will only increase the risk of overflow.

    How to avoid pasta water overflow?

    Instead of covering the pan with a lid, you should place a completely different tool on the pan… a wooden spoon! Advice revealed Physigexon His account on Tik Tok. In fact, by placing a wooden spoon on the surface of the pan, the film that prevents the bubbles from bursting will be broken by the spoon. So the bubbles will be able to burst quietlyWithout risking water flowing out of the pan.

    But beware, This advice should not exempt you from monitoring the cooking process. It simply reduces the risk of boiling over, provided you remain vigilant and do not leave the pan on the fire indefinitely.

    Now that you know the little trick, you can try it – and love it the next time you cook pasta!